An Elaborate Guide For First Time Resume Writers

Writing a resume when you are applying for a job for the first time, could be nightmarish. What should go on the resume? what should be the length of it? Would it be impressive enough? Or it would make me fall flat on my nose! These are some of the petrifying questions which come to mind while sitting down or even planning to write a resume for the first time.

Well, writing your first resume is a daunting task, but it could be very interesting if you clearly know what should and what should not be going in a resume, how long should the resume be and some other features.

If you are writing a resume for the first job with no work experience, explore this expansive guide to help you, with how to get it noticed.

Why it is so Important to have a Good Resume

When you are beginner it becomes imperative to make an impressive resume, as everything about you would be measured in terms of your attitude, personality and common sense. The first thing before writing your resume, what you need to understand is, why it is important to have a good resume. A resume is like a business card, it has everything that is required and important, about you that a job provider needs to know. Resumes could safely be called your introduction on paper which precede your reputation and no one likes an absurd and a vague introduction.

What makes it more important is the fact that an average employer spends about 8-10 seconds (sometimes even less) to read a resume. The sheer duration of the overview makes it crucial to impress the employer and with the increasing competition, it becomes a pressing need to have a good resume.

Do’s of Writing a Good Resume

Writing a resume is not difficult but writing a good resume is. It is an art as well as a science to writing an appealing resume; art, because it should be error-free and have the right words and science because there are certain fundamentals to be followed.

Here are do’s to remember, that would help you write a good resume as well as serve as features:

  • It should be Objective Oriented- Resumes are written with a general objective, i.e. to sell yourself with the best spiel. Although it is general for every company you apply, yet it can be tweaked to be a little specific every time. This makes the objective of the resume variable. How to do it? Well, everyone does a primary research of the company they are going to be interviewed with, its called “doing the homework”. Now, all you have to do is, use this homework in your resume such that the objective of your resume becomes more ‘company-specific’.
  • It should be honest- An age-old phrase—honesty is the best policy, holds the ground everywhere and anywhere. One of the most important non-tangible feature of a resume It is true that in order to sell something, you need to boast a little, but it should strictly be the truth. Do not write anything that is false or that you never did in a previous assignment or in general. In some way, the truth would prevail.
  • Proofreading- Something that might upset an interviewer or a recruiter while reading your resume is, errors. No matter how good you are or how good you have been, something like a grammatical error may turn off people, worst could it might give out a completely wrong message, that you are not serious about the job. Now, how to know if you have made errors in the resume, is the question? Today, there are several tools available for free to correct grammatical errors. You don’t have to waste time in searching a friend who is good at grammar.
  • Format- Why to be so fussy about a format? Well, a format makes things structured and gives a flow to the resume, that is why having the right format for your resume is so important. A format is like a mould which gives an outline and a structure to the resume. Finding a format again is not very difficult nowadays. You can simply search ‘resume formats’ (or with some more specific keywords) on the internet and you would get a myriad of resume formats. A structured format also helps in getting your resume noticed.
  • Concise- As discussed above an interviewer or a recruiter does not invest more than 8-10 seconds of time scanning your resume and thus it is very important to know how long should your resume be. Even people with an experience of years try to limit their resumes in 2 pages and that is the ideal length of a resume.
  • Be Specific- The most important thing in a resume is, what you are addressing to? That means for which position you are applying, you need to be very clear about it.
  • Accomplishments- You are a fresher and so you do not have no work experience to show on your resume, although it is a fact, but you must have accomplished things in your internship, task committees of colleges, in projects you undertook, in short, any achievement you earned in any of such practical activities, you should mention it in your resume.
  • Quantifiable Achievements- This is something you would learn from an experience of a year or two. Although if you quantify your achievements in the resume as a fresher, it would work as a magic wand. Irrespective of the function, a recruiter seeks numbers and if you give him/her the numbers you have already made a positive impact.
  • Language- Language is a very important aspect of writing a resume; it should be simple, free of ambiguity and free of errors. A simple language doesn’t mean it should dull, you should pay special attention to make it engaging by using action verbs such as- expanded, generated, transformed, maximized, accelerated, reduced, conserved, modified, streamlined. Any word that describes an action.

Don’ts of writing a resume

Here are a few don’ts of writing a resume in lieu of no work experience that you should avoid:

  • No Hypocorism- Hypocorism is shortening of a name, like Bob for Robert. A resume is no place for using shortened names or nicknames. Use your original name and no a.k.a.s. Hypocorism not only creates ambiguity but also are unprofessional.
  • No Extra Information- There is some personal information that an interviewer or a recruiter seeks, like home many people are in the family, how many dependents are there in the family, occupations of family members etc. This information is relevant to your hiring but you should not go beyond a point where you share irrelevant information like what car your dad owns or your sister has a pet dog.
  • No Irrelevant Pictures- Although it completely depends on the recruiter if he/she wants a picture of you, you also include a picture of yourself on the resume, but there are some things to be you should keep in mind. The picture should be in a professional attire, it should be passport-sized with a light background. You can get such a picture clicked by a professional photographer. Do not put selfies or any other kind of irrelevant pictures.
  • Hobbies & Interests- Here is something that should be subtle. Hobbies and interests are personal information and should be kept limited. Mention those hobbies and interests which do not show your other side, like- skinny dipping or something equally weird. If you do not have general hobbies and interests just skip it.
  • Don’t use odd email addresses- Today almost everyone has a Gmail ID which generally has first and the second names. Use such email IDs on your resume as they are more professional. In case you do not have an email ID which has your name and second name, create one for job hunting.

As you gain experience you would gain perspective and the skill of resume writing would sharpen. What is more important is, when you are writing a resume for the first time. We hope now you are clear on every doubt of writing a resume.


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