Words To Never Include In Your Resume

Words To Never Include In Your Resume

The first impression prevails for forever and you never get a second chance for creating one! This turns out to be very apt, when your resume is being considered. Right when you are presenting your resume to any recruiter, make sure that you are presenting the best of you!

The language of your resume speaks a lot about you. And knowing the fact that you have very limited amount of time to impress a recruiter, you cannot afford to misuse that time. If you are not too sure about your resume drafting skills, you can always approach professional resume writers. Going by proven facts provided by the hiring managers and recruiters, here are few words and terms that you should never include in your resume

1. Unemployed

This word highlights a lot of negativity. You are already highlighting the dates of your employment, avoid highlighting the unemployed ones. Of course you will work hard if you are being hired. No need to mention it and exaggerate it.

2. Microsoft Office

If you turn out to be someone who has listed Microsoft Office under the list of skills you possess, then stop right away! Microsoft Office is not a skill but a suite of applications you are aware of, or well known to.

3. Objective

To state your objective, you can always submit a cover letter, portraying your career strategies and what you are looking for, professionally. There is no need to mention a two liner objective which usually recruiters are tired of reading.

4. Reference Available Upon Request

You can portray yourself as an over eager candidate if you are writing ‘reference available upon request’ at the end of your resume. If a recruiter wants to know more about you or your profile, he will reach out for it, or he will simply ask you for it.

5. Talking in 1st or 3rd person

Simply state the facts! After all, it’s your resume and obviously, you have framed it. You don’t have to use statements like ‘I have successfully worked on 4 projects.’ Rather, write ‘ Successfully worked on 4 projects.’

6. Unnecessary personal details

The recruiter is least interest in your personal details. He doesn’t care if you have traveled the world or have been catching monkeys around. Unless the details are relevant to the job or are important for the recruiter to know, they shouldn’t be mentioned.

7. Hobbies

If your hobbies are not relevant to the job or to the industry, do not mention it. No recruiter wants to read a lengthy resume which doesn’t has much to do with the job.

Make sure that consider these tips seriously and not get your resume marked with a red flag by any recruiter. Good Luck!

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