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Why You Need Achievements on Your LinkedIn Profile

A lot of people while writing their LinkedIn profiles go on to describe what they have done in their respective jobs, the roles they played and the skill sets the earned. However, when you are making a LinkedIn profile, it is quite expected that you include these pointers – but does it make you stand out? There are probably a hundred people at least in your working area who boast the similar skills, experiences and amount of learning that you have mustered. So, what makes you stand out in a crowd of takers?

One thing that has always fascinated the recruiters is the ‘achievements’ that a candidate has mentioned on their linkedin profile. This makes a profile look discerned and distinguished among the lot – and if you include your own achievements in yours, chances are that your profile will get more views than others sharing the same credibilities as yours.

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Read on to know how to write an achievements-based profile.

Achievements based profile

  • Highlight your summary:

    According to LinkedIn profile experts, the first 100 words of your LinkedIn summary are the most important for the recruiters to notice. Like the 6 second rule for resumes, your LinkedIn profile will get judged on the first glance of the first hundred words. And that is precisely the reason why you should start working on using branding verbs and optimising your skill sets when it comes to it – instead of generalised statements of your experiences. For example, instead of ‘I worked in PR’, you could write, ‘Working in PR has given me X, Y and Z abilities.’

  • Back up your accomplishments with numbers and quantifiable data:

    One can easily state their achievements in their LinkedIn profile, but those who substantiate theirs with quantifiable data and numbers to drive home their claim – are the one’s whose linkedin profiles garner gazes from the recruiters. LinkedIn profile writing services help in this regard by successfully analyzing your professional experiences and helping your profile look more promising than the rest by numerically strategizing them for better optimisation. For example, instead of writing ‘I helped accomplish project X’, you should add that ‘I helped accomplish project X by Y% growth in that area.’

  • Show that you are a self-motivator:

    Nothing attracts a recruiter’s attention more than a candidate who has a record of self-starting and accomplishing achievements on their own accord. Include and highlight the projects that you have kick started and accomplished on your own accord, and without any external impetus. This will show that not only did you achieve a certain task, but also took the initiative to embark on it.

Therefore, in order to have a linkedin profile that attracts major eyeballs from the recruiters, focus and highlight on your achievements.

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