Which is the Best Career for You?

Best Career for You

We have, at some point of time, give serious thought about our career choices. Obviously, everyone wants to have the best career. But which is the best career for you? One way of going about identifying the best career for you is to consult family members and experienced people. They usually have some really good career advice. However, you should not rely on this solely.

The best career choice for you can be decided only after you have analyzed the following things about you.

Key Strengths and SkillsKey StrengthsNo job can be executed perfectly unless you have the necessary skills to pull it off. You also need to have the right strengths to be able to execute the responsibilities in the best manner possible. If you have a particular skill set or strengths that are perfectly suited for a specific job profile, then that would your best career option.

Working Style

Working StyleEvery person has his own preferred working style. Some prefer an independent style while others prefer to be mentored by seniors. There are a lot many ways in which things may work out for an individual. You need to understand your preferred working style and then go about deciding a career. For example, if you are free minded and like to travel or explore places, then you can be a travel blogger or a photographer.

Quantified Innate Qualities

Quantified Innate QualitiesHave you heard the expression, “born to do this job!”? Simply knowing about your innate qualities is not enough. You need to know the quantitative value of the innate qualities. It is common practice today that recruiters prefer quantitative facts to gauge the true impact of one’s abilities. A person may be born with a natural talent, for example, performing fast calculations. Simply stating that a person is capable of performing fast calculations will not be impressive enough. Instead, it would be better to state that the person can perform calculations for 6 digit numbers in less than 2 minutes. Now this quantitative description will help to create a better picture not only for you, but also for the recruiter.

Areas of ImprovementImprovement

You need to identify and work on the areas of improvement that have been identified. Why is this a factor in determining the best career for you? Suppose you want to work in a particular profile but due to some shortcomings, you are unable to do so. In order to become eligible for that work profile, you need to identify the improvement areas and then work on them.


AptitudeAptitude is best defined as something that you have a natural inclination for. If you have an aptitude for painting, you only have to work upon the necessary skills to be able to do it. However, the inner capabilities such as creativity or grasping power would indicate that you are naturally suited for the job. The best way to determine your aptitude is to take an aptitude test.

Keep a Professional Resume Handy

Professional Resume

You may work upon all of the above factors, but without a winning resume, you just won’t be able to grab the attention of the recruiters. Check out the latest trends and analyze industry preferences to come up with the best possible resume for the specific job application. Remember, resumes are meant to be customized. Consult with experts to find out the ways in which you may revamp an existing resume. If you are not able to do it yourself, then get it prepared by a professional resume writer and enhance your chances of getting the best career opportunities by standing out from the crowd.

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