What Role Does the Job Seeker Play in Resume Writing?

Resume Writing

The problem with job seekers is that they consider resume writing to be a one sided affair. Obviously, if they are writing on their own, then it is a one sided affair. But even then, they need to show more involvement in understanding their capabilities as well as competencies and presenting the same on paper.

Most of you who are reading this have availed resume writing services. Using these services can be beneficial and can give you a much needed leverage to land an interview call. But nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, can help you create a killer resume unless you learn to express yourself in a clear and accurate manner.

The resume writer can only weave magic with words and presentation if he is provided the required information. Without this info, there is no use of paying for a custom resume. By working together for creating your resume, you can come up with a powerful career resource that would thwart the competition and also help you to make an outstanding first impression in front of the recruiters.

Make sure you involve yourself in the resume writing process and contribute towards making your own career resource even more effective. Just take heed of the following points.

Speak Out!

The resume writer is a stranger to you (at least in most of the cases) and there is hardly anything that is known about you, except for the information that is provided in your document. It is your responsibility to speak out and ensure that the writer understands your competencies, capabilities and interests. Even if this requires answering questions more than once, you should do it as it would only make your resume better.

Be Honest

Remember, the resume writer will only pen down what you tell him. It is better to be honest instead of compromising the legitimacy of the information for making your resume appear more impressive. It is possible that the recruiters would be impressed with your resume, but these are veterans with years of experience in recruitment so you could end up in a messy situation if your stats are verified. It is better to be honest than to end your chances of landing a good job by stating false information. In such a situation, it would be you, and not the writer, who would be responsible for the mishap.

Share Your Views

The resume is a representation of your worth. This is why you must always share your views as to how to want it to be made and the specifics that need to be included / excluded from it. If you are not happy with the way the resume turns out, then share your views with the writer so that you get nothing but the best possible career resource for yourself.

Express Your Career Goals

The resume is all about you and you choices. Make it a point to explain your career goals clearly to the writer so that the resume may be targeted accordingly. In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario, you need to make your application more targeted in order to stay ahead of the competition. No one prefers generalized information. Going with a target based approach indicates that you are determined to pursue the direction that you have selected and this is a positive sign that most recruiters look for.

Have Faith in the Resume Writing Service

While sharing your views, make sure that you offer some flexibility to the writer as being adamant about your views would be futile. You would end up having an ineffective resume if you are too stringent about implementing your own ideas. Remember, if your “ideas” and “tips” had any potential, then you would not be using a Resume Writing Service in the first place. Learn to have some faith in the resume writers. They have years of industry specific experience in creating killer resumes that actually get interview calls.

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