“What Are Your Salary Requirements?” Here’s How To Answer This

Salary ExpectationsIt is okay to have an expectation of a certain amount of salary once you walk into the interview room hoping to woo the recruiters into offering you the coveted position, especially of you have the credentials and the experience to boast of in the first place. However, while most “experts” will advise to not bring it up by yourself in the conversation, those who have groomed candidates for this particular moment of truth will know that it is in most cases unavoidable. Because the reality is antipodally different to the theoretical assumptions we tend to make in life.
Therefore, what to do when the question of “what are your salary requirements” looms upon your head? Obviously you cannot avoid it – but underplaying or overkilling it also might cost you a well-earned job offer and a salary that you worked hard for.

Read on to know what your options are while navigating these waters!

● What It Means

When a company is asking you about your preferences regarding remuneration, it is safe to assume that you have passed the prelims of the interview, and they are actually considering you for the position. In this scenario, the ball is in your court, and your subsequent reading of the room and replying is what would help seal the deal. Remember, being too humble would probably kill the deal and make you settle for lesser than you deserve. Whereas, being too blunt will probably turn off the recruiter against you. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation and answer accordingly.What It Means

● When You Are Getting Paid Lesser Than Expected at Current Job

Getting paid lesser at a certain job could be due to a lot of reasons – benefits, bonus, location, commission etc, and not because of the fact that a candidate is of lesser worth than he is perceived to be. Therefore, if you have had a recent history of low income, do include the incurring costs and the benefits that you get in your whole package, and answer that when they ask you ‘how much are you making at your recent job?’ and that answer will serve as the basis of their final salary offer to you.Paid less than expected

● When You Are Getting Paid More Than Expected at Current Job

A lot of companies will proceed to back off once they get a whiff of the fact that you are earning more than their intended budget for the position is. However, it is upon you to keep a calm head and think of a response that works as a charm upon the stoic recruiters, especially because you apparently want the job really bad! Maybe a response like ‘We should analyse my role in your company in regards to my experience and skills and then conclude on a salary range that suits both our needs out of this job’ is just what is needed to win over the economic side of the recruiters.Paid More Than Expected

● When You Aren’t Quite as Pleased With The Offer

Oftentimes it would happen that the salary they offer at the dotted line is far less than you had expected it to be even after all that schmoozing and wheel-greasing. However, that is not the end of your dream, sometimes, it also used as a test to understand what your attitude is regarding the job and all that comes with it. Keep a cool head, smile,be gratuitous for their offer, and then make your point about how salary ranges in your professional capacity differ than the one they are offering. Hopefully, they will be sure to understand.Pleased With The Offer

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