Top Resume Tips Shared by Interns at Google Inc.

Resume TipsYou will definitely agree that Google is one of the coolest places to work in. Not only does the environment encourage a warm and friendly social ambiance, but it also houses some of the brightest minds in the country. Getting into Google or Facebook is a huge achievement, one that will definitely make an impact on your resume and help you to stand out from the crowd. But getting into Google isn’t easy, especially when the competition is so tough. So how does one make it to an organization like Google? Let the company’s interns guide you on this.

A Custom Tailored Resume Ensures Better Chances of Selection

Professional CVYou need to customize your resume to the specific company and the job position that you are applying for. It is important for you to understand the core values of the company and then illustrate how you can work with such values. Google upholds collaboration and problem solving as core values for all the teams. So if you were applying for a job at Google, you would have to highlight these qualities and also emphasize on skills that go well with such an environment.




Include Roles That You Can Speak About Confidently

Professional RolesOnce you get the interview call, anything and everything on your resume can be questioned. The recruiters will definitely want to hear about your experience in the different roles that you have mentioned. So make sure you put things on your resume that you can speak about confidently. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hide important things from them because these facts will surface sooner or later.

Don’t Violate Confidentiality When Penning Down Tangible Facts

Office Confidentiality
Facts and numbers are always required to support your statements. They give a clearer picture about your capabilities. You would have heard several experts suggest that you should quantify your achievements and mention tangible facts. But never breach confidentiality of information that should remain with the company. For example, instead of mentioning financial value related to your contribution, you should use percentage to depict the growth. This would help you to portray your abilities without letting out any data that might be confidential for your previous company.

Share Your Extracurricular Activities If They Make You Unique

Extracurricular Activities
If you have a few extracurricular activities that you are absolutely passionate about and makes you a unique proposition, then don’t hesitate to add it in your resume. It may not add a whole lot of value to the resume, but it will highlight your personal abilities and will give recruiters some points to break the ice when you show up for the interview.

Get Your Resume Proofread Before Sending It

Resume Proofread
Have you realised that your friends and family can be the biggest critic? Well, it’s time to utilize this valuable resource. Get your resume proofread by them. If your resume has errors, then rest assured that they will find it and let you know about it. Take it in good spirit because it is better to have such errors detected in front of family rather than being embarrassed in front of recruiters.

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