Tips for Writing an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

In today’s day and age, it has become mandatory for one to have a working LinkedIn profile irrespective of your current employment status and work profile. Also, just creating a LinkedIn profile just for the sake of it does not suffice; you need to know how to write perfect profile in order to be able to get maximum views from those who matter, because almost every company these days rely on social media to scout potential candidates.

Read on to know how professional LinkedIn profile writers would work to create that perfect profile:

Tip 1: First impressions are last impressions – importance of adding the perfect photograph

adding the perfect photograph

Just like in every other social account, LinkedIn also needs a photograph to go with your account. Since this account holds the key to your professional dreams, you might want to stick with those that do not scream ‘Dorky teenage on a summer vacation’, because this is not your standard social media profile. LinkedIn is for people doing serious business, and in order to make a good impression to future recruiters, you might want to upload a professional headshot or a semi-casual portrait – as long as it could be deemed immaculate enough for professional purposes.

Tip 2: Engage your profile viewers – create a solid headline

Linkedin Headline Tips

In the world on LinkedIn, your headline is the one attribute that can distinguish you from the others holding the same credentials as yours. It has to include the critical words that attract industry related recruiters – and this area could use some of your creative wordsmith talents in order to create a headline that at once manages to optimize your profile, while keeping heed to the fact that you do not mess it up by using unnecessary superlatives. Keep it short, easy and memorable – that is the mantra professional LinkedIn Profile writers follow.

Tip 3: Charm the recruiters – Summarize Your Work

Summarize Your Work

This is perhaps the most important point of your LinkedIn profile, because this is where the greater chunk of the profile resides. The best way to go about this is if you treat it the same as your actual resume. But in this case, you will have to include the details of every position you ever held – not like in a resume, which you could easily customize for each specific job that you applied for. Also, those who work in the arts and media could include their actual works in the profile for more optimization of their creative outputs.

Tip 4: Being connected – why you need to expand your network

Expanding Your Network

The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can make additional connections from first level connections as you proceed to expand your network. This enormously increases your range and reach amongst a lot of other professionals who perhaps are on the lookout for an exact candidate like you for their companies or services.

Tip 5:  How to write your name – last but not the least

How to write your name

In the rat race for glory, you might be tempted to include in your name some keywords that might fetch you a lot of views, but don’t. Your name is your name – nothing else. In case you are considering adding your middle name, you might want to evaluate twice. You should use a name people in the industry know you by, and also something that gives you an immaculate and unique identity. If that means adding your middle name to it, then be it.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

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