Tips for What to Include in a Resume

Resume writing is the first and the most important thing of a job process. Your resume marks the first impression about you.Resume Tips

It would be fair to say that, your resume is your business card, which precedes you and based on that a lot can be judged about the candidate. The most important thing which many job seekers are not able to focus before writing a resume is- what to include and what not to include in a resume. You might have covered a lot all your career till date, yet putting it down on the paper precisely is the art. There are a few factors that should be considered before spilling it all out:

1. Length – Give or mail a bunch of papers to an interviewer and it will surely going to put him or her off instantly. Length is the most crucial part of the resume. No matter what all you have covered so far in your career, keep it precise and crisp. Ideally, a resume should run in not more than 2 pages, it should be strictly a 2 pager. Anything beyond that is risky. Try not to describe everything on the paper as you would get time to go in-depth in the interview.


2. Preference – Posting your resume on job sites should be placed very well. It means you should select a target audience you want your resume to be seen by. For that, you need to mention your preference. There are people who like to work with established companies and bigger corporates. On the other hand, certain people like to work with fledgling companies and startups. Mentioning your preference will help the right person seek you and save a lot of your and his time.


3. Value Propositon – Just like a product or a service everyone of us as a candidate has a value proposition, it is exactly like selling. What value as a candidate we could propose to the potential employer makes it a better deal. For example, you have an experience of customer handling as a part of your past job profile, you could show how your customer handling skills helped you get reorders and close sales.

Value Proposition

4. Try To Optimize – In either case- resume running over 2 pages or less than that, after writing, read the resume for a couple of times thoroughly. You might get something to curtail or add. Doing any of that, just keep in mind how that is going to affect your interview or chances of getting one.

Try To Optimize

Consider these tips before you sit to write down your resume It will help you overcome redundancies and irrelevance which will eventually add a lot of value to your resume making the interview chances brighter.

Resume Tips

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