Stop Making These 3 Common Technical Resume Mistakes Right Now

Technical Resume Mistakes

With the growth of the IT and tech industry, more people are pursuing lucrative opportunities in this industry owing to the growth and future scope available here. Thanks to tech integrations in various aspects of our life, the need for a technically qualified person is there in every sector. The demand for tech people, in addition to the rising number of candidates, has led to a fierce competition among job applicants.

If you wish to see your name on the shortlisted section, then you need to stop making these three tech resume mistakes right now.

Mistake #1: Very Lengthy

This is one of the most common problems with resumes in general. Candidates are just not able to get a grip on themselves when creating their resumes. It is understandable that you want to put every possible achievement and information in the document to increase your chances. But, this will only lower your chances of getting the interview call. The resume is filled with projects, every last detail about the tech stack you know and have seen once in your life. Some of the resumes tend to go on to 10-15 pages which is a complete turn off for recruiters. The resume is meant to be an introduction about you. The recruiter will shortlist you and call you for an interview to know you better. Stick to a 2-page resume and keep all the relevant achievements and highlights in the first two pages.

Mistake #2: Listing of Every Possible Technology That You Know About

Do not make the mistake of listing down every possible technology that you have come across in your life. If the recruiter were to ask you in-depth questions about a randomly selected technology (listed by you), then would you be comfortable in answering it? If yes, then you are safe. If not, then you are in for some big trouble. Don’t go over the board and simply pen down technologies just because they sound cool. If you really want to give yourself a leverage, then add in a section that lists technologies that you are familiar with or have seen in action before.

Mistake #3: Motivation Not Expressed

If you have not made it through your college campus recruitment, then you will have to face the gauntlet of interviews and extensive job hunting till you arrive at a suitable job. One of the reasons behind the struggle could be the lack of adequate value on your resume. Maybe you did not undertake an internship, or the number of projects or related work isn’t enough. What do you do then? Show your motivation for finding a job and continuing your learning. Being dynamic and involved in related activities can definitely help in improving the worth of your profile.

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