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The difference in resume requirements around the globe is as diverse as the mix of different cultures that exist today. While the basic format and design may be the same, there are certain specific modifications / preferences that are desired by different regions. For example, in India and Australia, people use the terms CV and resume interchangeably where both are used to indicate the same thing.

Don’t think that you need to change your resume as per the country. This would be a broad classification of the requirement. Think of it as modifying the resume in keeping with the needs of the “job market”. Job market can refer to a country, a continent, or even a specific region. This would help you to understand and implement the preferred resume style, and thereby increase your chances of getting the interview call.

Let’s check out some of the popular regions (employment hotspots) that most job seekers prefer.


The rules or rather preference for job application styles have changed in Europe in recent times. Apparently, all member states of the EU have to follow a common format and style guidelines. The EU has created a Europass CV which has a standard format and every job applicant only needs to fill in the sections.

Euro Pass CV(Example of a Euro Pass CV)


While many HR Gurus would advise you to remove personal information from the resume, it would not be a good approach when applying for a job in China. Here, the recruiters prefer personal information like marital status, sex, nationality, permanent address and date of birth to be mentioned. The ideal length of the resume needs to be less than 3 pages (at max).

The format needs to conform to the following order:

  • Objective
  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Misc. Descriptions
  • Personal Information

 Chinese Resume Template

 (Example of a Chinese Resume Template)


Resumes are used in the UK but they are very particular about the difference in style and application of a CV and a Resume. Unless the job profile demands that you present a resume, you should always provide a CV. Usually, a CV would be demanded by academic work profiles where an extensive description of your achievements and skills is required for understanding your worth. While preparing the resume, make sure you limit the page length to 2 pages.

The UK Resume style needs to conform to the following format.

  • Education
  • Professional Experience (It would be wise to include the reasons for leaving your previous employment as this is required by recruiters in the UK)
  • Skills

UK Resume Template

(Example of a UK Resume Template)


Saudi Arabia is a career hotspot with job seekers trying their best to get an employment here as the salary packages are very lucrative. One needs to be careful while preparing the resume for applying to jobs in Saudi because due attention is given to a person’s gender, nationality, citizenship and religious affiliation. Apart from other details, you would be required to provide a residency permit or a letter of release. It would be wise to check whether you have a transferable residency permit offered from your present employer. You can make a resume that has up to 4 pages, but only do it if you have enough relevant information to mention in it.

The Saudi Resume style needs to conform to the following format.

  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Personal Information

While mentioning the professional experience, it is advisable to avoid leaving gaps between dates. If there is a gap, then be prepared to explain it with a valid reason.

Saudi Resume Template

(Example of a Saudi Resume Template)


USA is one of the most sought after places for non-residents because a job in the US is often considered to be a status symbol, especially to job applicants from Asia. Others find the American life quite appealing. But make sure you understand the differences between a resume and a CV when applying for a job in the US as the recruiters are very specific about the application of each career resource. A CV is usually written by an academic, researcher or educator. Others need to stick to a resume. Most resume writing services follow the American style because it is more universal in nature and has the least number of specific considerations. The ideal length for this resume is 1 -2 pages.

The American Resume style needs to conform to the following format.

  • Contact Details
  • Professional Summary (not an objective)
  • Competencies
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

US Resume Template

(Example of a US Resume Template)


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