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Resume writing trends have been dynamically changing over the years. The current state of technology and digital communication have a great influence on the nature of resumes as well as their design. Gone are the days when the simple statement of qualifications and brief description of experiences could get you a job. If you want to bag your dream job, then you need to show the recruiters your capability and potential. But simply showing your qualities does guarantee you a job.
You need to substantiate your skills and abilities with facts. Check out the resume editing and writing trends that would be characteristic of 2014.

Objective Statements and Professional Summaries Are A Thing of the Past

Professional summaries and objective statements are quite a rage among job seekers even today with almost everyone trying to copy the “standard” statements and tweaking them just enough to suit their needs. Professional summaries have also become rather ineffective as recruiters now search for concise, accurate, appealing and honest quantifiable depiction of one’s abilities and expertise. This has given rise to the use of minimalist statements that describes the current interest of the job seeker and gives a brief yet an effective glimpse of the abilities of the applicant. This is really useful in describing how the candidate can be of use to the organization in which he has applied.

Say Hello to QR Codes – The Next Gen Information Capsules!

QR codes have become prevalent in almost all places where digital communication and information exchange occurs. These square shaped codes are in fact information capsules and can contain any information ranging from simple contact information to a full-fledged profile that is usually found on business cards. In the context of resumes, by adding these codes, the recruiter can simply scan it and get the information on his Smartphone or any other mobile device. Not only does this make it very convenient for the recruiter but it also saves time which would otherwise have been utilized in manually noting down information.

Infographics – Because Pictures Do Say More than Just Words

Infographics simply means the use of graphics and text for conveying information in a highly effective manner. Marketing professionals and ad agencies are making good use of this tool for providing richer content which ensures user engagement. Taking this concept to resumes ensures better chances for recruiting as it is bound to get the attention of the recruiter and it will be a welcome change from the long list of boring text based resumes that need to be sorted out. Be it logos of technical skills to actual images of projects implemented – Infographics will give you the edge that is required to stand out in this highly competitive scenario.

It’s the Age of Visual Resumes

Visual resumes are being used by professional resume writers due to the potential of these documents to enable better presentation of information. Just imagine what impact the visual resumes will make when they reach the hands of a recruiter. Consider this situation. No matter how much effort you put into reading a novel and going through hundreds of pages to gather the crux of the plot, it becomes immensely simplified when we see the same thing in the form of a movie. The same applies to resumes where visual resumes help to visibly enhance the key qualifications and characteristics of the individuals by means of which their chances of getting noticed increases significantly.

Give Concrete, Honest and Irrefutable Facts

While facts are considered to be major leverage providers, especially considering their importance in helping you to secure your dream job, it is equally important to be completely honest and practical while stating facts. You should be really careful while penning down quantifiable facts as they can be verified and in the case of fraudulent data being detected, the candidate would not only lose out on the current recruitment opportunity but it would have dire consequences for all future job pursuits. If you don’t have any concrete facts that can be stated, then it is best to avoid mentioning them.

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