Resume Tips for the Long Term Unemployed

Resume Tips

So what if you have a long gap in your employment! It doesn’t mean you cannot apply for a job. You only need to know the right way of pitching yourself to the recruiters. It isn’t rocket science. Just do not falter in front of them. The best way to approach this delicate situation is to understand the perspectives of the recruiters and to frame the resume accordingly so that they know exactly what you have been through.

Check out these following tips which should help you to manage the long term gap issue in your resume. The best option would be to seek out professional resume writing services as they have the expertise and industry knowhow to prepare the best resume for you.

Be Honest About the Gap

This is the most crucial step in the process. Before being honest about your gap in the resume, you need to accept the fact that your absence will have an impact on your recruitment and being honest upfront would only help you to make a good pitch to the recruiters. Lying may seem like a good choice, but the veil of lies is easily removed. If you are caught lying about your employment gap, then you would have killed your chance of landing a job. There is nothing wrong with having an employment gap as long as you have valid reasons to substantiate it.

Validate Your Absence from Active Work Life

It is important to validate your absence from active work. If you state that you took a casual break to relax, then it would present a wrong impression in front of the recruiters. Activities that add to your skills or require your time exclusively (health problems of family members, personal medical issues, etc.) are considered as valid reasons. But the important thing here is to be honest. As long as you have a good enough reason and you are honest about it, the recruiters should be able to consider you at least for an interview. The final selection depends completely on the effectiveness of your pitch.

Let Go of the Stereotypical Chronological Format

Not only is the use of chronological resumes a bad choice (from a format perspective), but it also highlights your gap which can be a problem if the gap is quite large. You would not want the recruiters to jump straight to the gap and question your weakness. This is the time to try out different resume formats, such as hybrid resume, visual resume and even functional resumes. All of these focus on your competencies and skills instead of throwing light on your absence.

Emphasize On Your Achievements

The more you emphasize your achievements, the more chances you have of securing the job opportunity. Even if you have valid gap in your resume, you should be able to substantiate it with achievements and credible outcomes. These achievements reflect your skills and abilities and this is the kind of information that recruiters are interested in receiving in resumes / applications.

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