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When it comes to copywriting for the purpose of creating resumes, it has been advised to resume writers to create documents that are at the same time easy to read and drives home the qualities of the applicant as the perfect candidate for the job. That is precisely the reason that longer resumes work, rather than the short and concise material which often though infused with keywords, fall ‘short’ of delivering the required result. Read on to know exactly why you should opt for a longer resume for better chances at scoring an interview, and eventually bagging a job.

When it comes to your experience, more material always attracts :

In a longer resume, you would obviously write your experiences and mete them out in a more elaborate way, making the effort to come across as one who has inculcated the maximum from each of the position that you have ever held. For example, in a shorter resume you would write ‘Held X responsibility’, while in a longer resume, that would become ‘Held X responsibility under Y circumstances battling Z odds’. You tell us, which person would you hire if you were the HR?

A story written better always garners more eyeballs:

A shorter resume would be a ‘just-only-the-facts’ document, while in a longer resume, you have an option to get creative with the representation of your experiences and the knowledge and wisdom you earned from them. An innovative and unique approach while writing your resume will automatically put you in a different league than your peers when it comes to the 6.7 seconds judgement from the HR managers. For example, try to divide each milestone of your professional life in the manner of chapters in a story, and gradually build them up in a manner to showcase your ascent in the professional arena.

Drawing in your personality traits in your resume never hurts:

Another advantage in a longer resume would be the freedom of literature you can use to chip in more material into it – especially winning out against its shorter counterpart when it comes to writing in your personality traits into your document. So, add all the optimizing and personality enhancing adjectives, like ‘motivated’, ‘unique’, etc to amp up your resume in the eyes of the beholder. And before you know, you will be getting those long-awaited calls for interview!
therefore, now you see why meating out a resume wins out at the end of the day for the long-run purposes. Let’s hope that you use this wisdom well in your pursuits on the professional front.

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