Powerful Action Verbs: How to Standout with a Resume

Powerful Action Verbs for a Standout Resume

Resume writing had always been a tough nut to crack as resume is the very first thing that talks, even before you start speaking and you don’t want to spoil your first impression.Ironically with the use of technology and information the quality of resume writing has diminished. Writing a resume is more a creative work and needs a lot of patience.

Well, due to readily available formats and information over the Internet, resume writing has been shedding the image as an arduous task and moving toward being a vapid job. The over-used phrases have become very common and can be seen in every resume.

A good way to start refurbishing your resume is to stop using cliched words and replace them with some new and more effective phrases.

Here are few examples of replacing worn out words:

Growing business is the most important part of any organization and to describe it, you need to use equally quantifiable words, they could be- expanded, maximized, generated, accelerated.

On the other hand saving resources is another major function which is thrived by all the departments in a company. It can be described by using words like- reduced, conserved, lessened.

Heading a department can be expressed as- headed, led, chaired.

Another most common activity is of changing processes, policies, and systems to make them more optimized and effective, the words that can be used are- Modified, Transformed, Streamlined

Apart from replacing words, there are other things which can give a great impact on the interviewer. These are:


  1. Length- Length of a resume in the most important aspect. There should be a balance between what to write and what not to stretch. No matter how wide your experience is, try to keep the resume crisp, cause you have all the time to describe everything in the interview.
  1. Highlights- Even if your resume is crisp no interviewer likes to go through the whole resume. And if you make him/her go through everything, it might just turn them off. Highlighting will make it easy to pick things up for the interviewer and if you want to make a point clearer you can just point it out.
  1. Neat- The first impression sets in even before the interviewer reads your resume. At a glance what works is- the neatness of the resume. Leave space, margin and insert bullets to make it a neat read.
  1. Paper- Paper is as important as the resume itself. No matter how impressive your resume has been written, there are characteristics of the paper used that can’t be ignored. Use the paper of the right thickness and use only white colored paper.
  1. Grammar- Improper use of punctuation, incorrect spelling can again be a real turn-off. To get it right you can use free tools like Grammarly while proof-reading.
  1. Font and style- Fonts like- Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman should be used. Stylized fonts should be completely avoided. Styling like bold, italic and underlined should be used to highlight things if required.

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