Networking The Best Way To Grow

Living in the internet era changed the ways of everything we did. Everything and anything is available on the internet. The most tedious and harrowing task of searching a job can also be found on the internet.

Networking The best Way To Grow

Although the way we search jobs has evolved from circling the job openings in the newspapers to clicking ‘apply’ on job sites, yet one way of searching jobs is evergreen and super efficient- Networking. Networking is synonymous to the natural instincts we are designed with and thus called social animals. It is one thing that should be kept in the mind while you start your career. Irrespective of the profile you are in, networking should be a deliberate attempt especially when you are an introvert.

Why Networking?

Job sites always are not very effective in providing opportunities. Beyond a point, people switch jobs by exploiting opportunities through networking as the ‘familiarity’ factor makes a huge difference. You know people and people know you so there is a level of familiarity thus making things easier.

Here are a few job networking tips:

1. Interdepartmental/cross – functional communication- No one can work in isolation and so the departments of an organization. Every department is interlinked and this gives you an opportunity to connect with people of different departments. This not only would help you in building a network but also provide you with great insights into the processes of the business.

2. Staying in touch – One of the most basic aspects of networking is staying in touch. Even if you have a huge network of people but you do not buzz them in a while, the bond is going to fade away. Staying in touch is as important as building a network itself. Call up ex-co-workers, managers, supervisors, subordinates. You could also text them a couple of times in a year wishing- new years’, Christmas or Thanksgiving. This could build a very good rapport.

3. Use the internet – Finally, the internet does come to help, there are sites like Linked In which are purely dedicated to professional networking. You could find ex-co-workers whose contact details changed over time and get re-connected to them. Also Linked In provides you a platform to add as many people as you want. Unlike other social media platforms, people connect with total strangers who share the same background.

These tips for employment might not only give you opportunities to grow but also bring out the social person in you.

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