“My Expected Salary Is……” – Learning the Fine Art of Negotiating Salary

Salary Negotiation Tips

After a lot of efforts and preparation of Professional Resume, you have finally cleared the majority of the interview process and now await with increased anxiety as the recruiters gear up for declaring your compensation and benefits. But are you sure that you would be paid as per your expectations? Most of the candidates hardly consider that they have the opportunity to negotiate their salary, but only if they prepare for it in advance. These things don’t just happen out of the air like a magic trick.
Check out the following carefully picked suggestions that will surely help you to position yourself in such a way that you would be able to negotiate the salary structure.

Expected SalaryStop Right There!! Don’t Mention Expected Salary

This is one of the most common areas of conflict when preparing your resume.On one hand, you want to mention your expected salary so that the recruiters get an idea of your compensation / benefit requirements. On the other hand, this could prove to be an opportunity terminator as high salary expectations can deter recruiters from interviewing you. Without an interview, you will never be able to prove that your skills and abilities are worth the salary that you are asking for. So, it’s best if you avoid mentioning your expected salary. This will give you adequate scope for proving your value to the company and you might even be offered benefits that exceed your expectations. So keep the field blank to open up more scope for negotiating.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue! Hurrying Will Only Mess Things Up

No matter how much you prepare for negotiating the salary component, hurrying would only reduce your chances of getting your expected amount. Just wait it out till the end of the interviewing process. It would be best if you ascertain that they really need you in their organization before you begin with the negotiation. There is also the probability that a negotiation may not be required at all. The recruiters could offer you a package that either meets your expectations or surpasses it. The rule of the game is that the first person to talk money loses. So it’s better if you wait till they discuss the salary.

Salary Negotiation AdviceDo Your Research Beforehand! Knowing the Industry Standards in Salary Would Be an Advantage

The salary structure for any given position in a specific industry is more or less the same, with the exception of cases where the individuals have high expertise or are extra-ordinarily talented. Researching the industry standards would not only give you an idea about the salary amount that should be expected by you, but it will also save you from being duped into accepting lower wages.

Salary Tips for ResumeFlexibility Matters! Give a Salary Range Instead of an Exact Figure

By providing a range, you are only getting more options for yourself. An exact figure would restrict you and would greatly narrow down your chances of coming close to your expected wage figures. You need to decide the range based on the lowest possible amount which would satisfy your requirements and would also comply with your expectations.

Showcase Your Skills on Resume

Do You Have It In You? Showcase Your Skills and Abilities that Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

Whenever you go for an interview, you won’t be the only one appearing in it. There would be many would be competing with you for the position. Going ahead with general points would be equivalent to killing your opportunity with your own hands. If you know your worth and you feel that you are the best person for the job, then convince the recruiters by stating your skills and competencies that make you the most suitable candidate. Quantify the facts with proven statistics of your performance. Stick to the point and avoid deviating from the actual descriptions. Also, never be afraid to voice your expectations. Fear is the primary reason for people not expressing their minds. Be a little confident and present yourself in the best manner possible and you are sure to get your dream job with a salary that you deserve.

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