Job Market: The World For Women

Job Market The World For Women

Men have always undisputedly lead the job market, since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Even in the 20th century when there was a surge in feminism which started to recognize the so-called weaker sex and walked shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, the numbers couldn’t surpass.

The Rise In Women Work Force

The Rise in Women Work Force

Albeit the 20th century couldn’t see the intersection (men workers=women workers) but saw this gap narrowing throughout. According to the data of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the difference between men and women workers in the 1960’s was 21.1 million which kept on shrinking. It was the April of 2010 when the global meltdown was still a day-old wound, the number of women workers intersected the number of men for the first time. Although, just after the ‘intersection’, the number (of women workers), once again came below men workers, yet the gap since then has been the minimal in the history.

The 2 Way Widening Gap

The 2 Way Widening Gap

There is a significant drop in the number of women earning less than $30000/annum in the course of 40 years; 1975 (79.6%) to 2016 (58.1%). On the other hand, the number of such men over the same time period has risen from 25% to 41%. As it could be seen, the gap between the numbers is working the two way; the women are growing and the men are dipping. From the same time duration (1975-2016), there has been a 14% drop in the share of the incomes in the middle range ($30000-$60000) of (young) men. On the flip side, there has been a rise of 11% in the same range with women.


Women education

The awareness of education has also played an important role in making women stronger in the job market. More than 75% of women in the US have a college degree today as compared to 1975 when there were less than 25/100 college-educated women. Not only the number of women graduates have risen, the number of such women having full-time jobs grew from 43% to 57%.

Women In Career World

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