Importance of “Follow-Up” in Job Search

Follow Up

Still waiting for a call from the recruiter? It seems that you have failed to follow up on your job application. It makes no sense to wait by the phone for a call from the recruiters or to check your mail frantically in hope that the mail might have come. You need to be aggressive in your job search because the job means more to you than the recruiters. They will be able to find several options for the work profile, but it may be a major opportunity for you. So follow up!

Being aggressive in job hunting efforts does not mean that you have to pester the recruiters with your calls and emails. Wait for an appropriate amount of time before you reach out to them. Never let your honest efforts seem like a desperate appeal to the recruiters as this can hurt your chances of being selected. Following up is a clear sign that you are interested in the work profile as well as the organization. Even if the recruiters have overlooked your resume, a follow up would definitely get them to check it out once.

Following up doesn’t always relate to asking about the status of your job application. It is also related to staying in touch with the recruiters. There isn’t any rocket science behind it and you don’t need to be a PR expert to maintain communication. All it takes is some patience and the right approach. Still confused on how to approach recruiters for a follow up without annoying them?

Check out the tips below. These tips should help you overcome your fears and move towards

Always Take Time Out For Following Up

Always Take Time Out For Following UpYou can never be too busy to avoid following up on your job application. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start following up immediately after putting in your application. Wait for a few days before approaching the recruiters again. If you have applied at several places, then make sure you maintain a list to avoid following up with a single recruiter more than required.

Keep a Track of Your Follow Ups

Keep a Track of Your Follow UpsIt is important to keep track of your follow ups or else you could mess up in the end. Not only is it required to maintain a list of all the jobs that you have applied for, but it is also important to note down the number of follow ups that have been done with a specific recruiter / company.

Send in a Physical Copy of Your Resume Despite Applying Online

Physical Copy of Your Resume Yes, it is the age of digital communications and job seekers prefer making applications online as it is very convenient and fast. But this is exactly what thousands of job seekers are doing the world over. How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd? Send in a physical copy of your professional resume with a cover letter to the hiring manager via postal mail. Since you would be amongst the few applicants who send in a physical copy, the chances of your resume being shortlisted would increase.

Emphasize Your USP

Emphasize Whenever you follow up, make sure that you emphasize on your USP and the ways in which you are most suited for the work profile being offered. Try to mention the contributions that you could make to the organization and support your statements with past achievements or realistic stats.

Mention Recent AchievementsMention Recent Achievements

You might have earned an achievement after sending your resume to the recruiters. Make sure you mention these achievements at the time of following up. This might just work in your favour and give you the leverage that you are looking for.

Avoid Going Over-the-Board

Avoid Going Over-the-BoardNever go over the board with your follow ups. It might work against you by irritating the recruiters to the point that they would prefer leaving you out from consideration completely. Patience would be your greatest virtue during job hunting. Give adequate time to the recruiters to respond and time your move carefully.

Prepare a Script When Following Up Over Call

Prepare a ScriptMost people find speaking over the phone a bit challenging. For those of you are not too confident of communicating with recruiters over phone, it would be a good idea to prepare a script with all the possible information that could be required, and then proceed with the call. It would be better if you keep a copy of your resume with you for having a quick glance at relevant information. End the conversation thanking the hiring manager for his/her time and asking about the hiring timetable/next steps.

Keep Email Follow Ups Concise and To The Point

Keep Email Follow Ups

Personally, I would not prefer this method unless no other options are left. This is because there is no way of knowing for sure whether the email has been read by the recipient and it is pretty much a one-way communication. However, if you do send an email, make sure that it is concise and to the point, and ensure that it is addressed to the hiring manager.

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