How to Write Achievement Based Resume

Achievement Based Resume

Your resume talks about you, for you and at times even precedes your physical presence and so it becomes very important to have an effective resume. An effective resume has many aspects to make it worthwhile, the most important being- how efficaciously you convey your achievements. Writing long stories with vague terms could be a big turn-off for an interviewer. Putting across your achievements is not that difficult, here are a few resume writing tips that you could follow to draft an achievement based resume:



Everything boils down to numbers and before any word could speak for you, your numbers would shout out louder. The thing with numbers is they are relative to the function they are attached to. If you are a sales (revenue) guy your numbers should go up and if you are on the other side like procurement or admin (cost) your numbers should go down. Well whatever the function be, write down your achievements with numbers and percentage. The percentage is the only way to compare.

For example-

“Sales grew by 20% year on year”

“Procurement cost came down to $ 5000, a reduction of 12% in the quarter.”

“BTL activity shot up the sales by 15% for the month.”

“Headcount went up by 8%”

“A 100% Tickets resolution was achieved for the quarter”

PAR method:

PAR method

Problem>Action>Result. Probably the most effective tool to use to write a resume. Everyone wants to know ‘what’ and ‘how’ you did. Every function in every department is never fully optimized. There are gaps which come now and then, they can be also called as- problems. To resolve a problem, there is an action taken and after the action comes to the results- measuring the effectiveness of the action.

For example-

“Deployed ERP system for invoicing to reduce manual intervention which led to saving of 15% on stationary and reduced errors by 40%.”

“Payments for expenses made online countering the problem of unavailability of manpower and saved time by 45%.”

Action Verbs:

Action Verbs

Before writing a resume, let us get some grammar lessons, Yes! Most of us do not use the right words or simply do not know what words to use. Choosing the words can either make or break the point you want to put across. For the right impact choose the right words and what are the ‘right words’?…Action Verbs. Action verbs are the words which speak in a way that stresses on initiatives, like- Developed, Managed, Implemented.There are hundreds of action verbs across different functions like- leadership, technical, team, management etc.

For example-

“Developed and streamlined new markets”

“Generated 20% of the total sales through the inactive dealers”

A resume communicating your achievements effectively is as important as writing a resume itself. To get more information on resume writing tips and resume editing services contact us.


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