How to Get Zero Tolerance for Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying

Many of us associate bullying to schools and colleges, as the word is has become synonymous to alma-maters. But a very few must be knowing that bullying has found its place as a common issue in corporate governance too. Issues like sexual harassment and discrimination are getting older and this new workplace issue is slowly climbing up the list. Bullying could be devastating at any level, be it school or workplace. It has a very negative impact on the personality as a child and on the job, career and most importantly on the performance as an employee. Bullying at workplace or offices dents the motivation and could lead to depression. It could range from something which seems to be trivial like withholding information to something as severe as abuse. Just like all other issues, workplace bullying should also be reported and should be met with zero tolerance. Here are a few tips on how to handle workplace bullying:



The first thing you could do to discourage bullying is to support the victims of bullying. Many times it becomes difficult for people to report such issues, eventually making things worse for them. You could counsel such people on a personal basis and motivate them to report it to HR.

Report to the HR

Report to HR

Human resource is a dedicated department that not only is responsible for recruitment, performance tracking, and employee turnover but also handles all the HR related issues of a company. The first and foremost thing is reporting bullying to the HR department without any delay.

Document such occurrences and instances

Making document

Bullying is not something that could be done on written documents which can make it easier to report with an evidence. Although, you could document it by noting down details like date, name, comments, jokes etc of any such occurrences. This would help you present the details in a precise manner.

Workplace bullying is becoming a common thing in offices today, this could lead to losing a good colleague, a good resource, and a good human being if not checked.

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