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How to Get a Job in 30 Days or Less

Losing a job is no more a taboo. The times have changed and so have the reasons, it has become an integral part of our culture to lose a job. So, if you are fretting about the social pressure, just scrap that feeling and as far as the worrying about getting a new job is concerned, read on.

Gone are the days when searching for a new job was a time-consuming activity. With social media and technology ripening every moment, all you need are the right efforts in the right direction to land a better job in the shortest duration possible.

Follow these tips and get back on a new track.

1. Stay Focused- Being jobless brings one thing in abundance, i.e. desperation. No denial, being out of a job is a desperate time but, that does not call for desperate measures. You may think a job that is close to what you did, could be handled. A job in marketing or sales are good enough, but the reality is focussing on your core area is the essence.

2. Use Smart Tools- The era has changed, we live in the social age. This transition has changed the way we did everything. Today, there are social platforms such as LinkedIn which are far ahead of the contemporary job searching websites which used to rule the job world a decade back. The algorithms of LinkedIn tell you where your application for a particular job stands. Companies use résumé scanning software that uses keywords. Use tools such as Wordle, run job descriptions or your résumé through it and get the most common keywords for a job. You can get in touch with professional LinkedIn profile writers to build your LinkedIn profile.

3. Follow-up Thoroughly- If you are bad at following-up, you would probably learn the importance and the need for it in this situation. You may make through the second or the third interview or the demeanor of the interviewer in the very first round may make you feel you are a goner. Whatever the situation is, follow-up until you get a clear answer.

4. Get in Touch- The one thing your state of mind might not allow you to do is, getting in touch with people during this unforeseen hiatus. On the contrary, it is the best time to connect with people in your social circle. Connecting to people doesn’t mean socializing, but inquiring for job openings within their network. You are looking for leads, the more leads you have, there are more chances of landing a job.

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