How To Effectively Manage Time At Work

How To Effectively Manage Time At Work

Out of all the resources, ‘time’ is the most expensive one; you can make money again, but you can’t get back the lost time. This is the reason that ‘time’ as a resource, needs the most judicial way to plan and use it.

It is an irony that with the developing technologies and automation in almost every area of life, yet there is a lot of human dependence needed. Well, the situation can’t be changed and probably it worsens with each passing day. All we can do about it is—manage the time in the best possible way. Here are a few amazing tips that would help you manage your team more effectively.


DeadlinesSo what with the deadlines? What kind of adjective do you see before the word deadlines? Stricter, rigid, tight? Well, whatever the adjective you see, a deadline should be anything, but realistic. Yeah, realistic, you must be wondering a deadline can be described as anything but not realistic. Well, that is the thing, you need to be very practical while picking a deadline.


NONo is a big word to say, but at times it becomes the only 2 letter answer for something much better. The work is unending and the superiors would always stretch you way beyond the limits. At this point, it becomes very important to put your foot down and say a no.


TechnologyIt is always important to get the right tools and technologies to optimize the time, otherwise pushing a wall also becomes work done. Technologies help us save time and you should always choose the best technology so that you could optimize time.


DistractionsSomething that eats away most of our time is distractions. With the advancing technologies, we have newer/advanced gadgets and social media, that help us keep updated, but they have a big disadvantage—they distract. Keep your mobile phones, tablets and other devices in the drawer of your desk. Check them once or twice in a day.


PrioritizeThe most important thing before you plan to carry out anything is—prioritizing. The only factor to prioritize your work is setting them according to the most important to least important. This would help you effectively utilize time as you know what tasks to be taken in what sequence.

Sleep Sufficiently

Sleep sufficientlyWell, this is not something directly related to effectively managing time but without getting sufficient sleep you cannot get the required efficiency. To get the best outcome and productivity in your daytime, you should at least sleep for 7-8 hours. Working late could get your work done, but it would be temporary.

Utilize Downtime

Utilize downtimeWe all have that time when we wait; traveling, queues, taking a dump! Well, use this wait time to the fullest. You could read a book or go through the newspaper for daily updates. These small slots of time would give you more time to do other things.


GapsAlthough we are talking about using our time effectively and not wasting time, we do need downtime for ourselves. Taking gaps between tasks is directly related to our productivity. If we do not have any gaps between tasks, the productivity would get severely hit. The gaps help us recharge before starting a new thing and in turn, helps in increasing or at least keeping our productivity stable.

We work to earn our bread and butter, to achieve different personal goals, for satisfaction or there could be any other reason. The most important thing in life is to enjoy the moments. If we are not able to have these happy moments with our family and friends and moreover with ourselves, there is no point working that hard.


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