Group Interview

How to crack a group interview?

Group interviews turn out to be relatively easy as compared to a one-on-one interview! However, it is an art to getting yourself noticed between candidates who might turn out to be equally worthy!!

How do you react when you are promptly led to a room where there are already five candidates waiting to face the same interview, altogether! You can also be lucky enough to be interviewed by multiple interviewers which can again affect your confidence!

So here are some effective tips that can help you crack a grinding group interview:

A straight Face:

The moment you enter the interview room, only to find out that there are five other candidates who’d interviewed along with you, don’t let shock/surprise take a toll on your expressions!! enter the room with confidence and you will win a part of the interview right there!! after all, the employer would be judging you on this factor as how would you react to your job surprises!!

A noticeable resume:

Make sure that you carry a resume that’s worth noticing!! For that, you need to get your resume made from a professional who offers resume writing services! No matter what kind of interview you are facing, an effective and creative resume leaves a deep impact on the job opportunity and the employer!

Involve Everyone

It is a fact that every candidate sitting along with you in the group interview is a competition for you! Yet, you need to realize the fact that the employers look for team spirit as well and hence it is of utter importance that you involve the other candidates or their statements in your share of conversation with the employer!

For instance, “I would like to elaborate what Mark said…”


It is very important that you listen to what is being spoken! Unless you listen, you won’t be able to come up with a proper answer that is effective enough to impress an interviewer!

Follow these simple hacks and you will have a smooth group interview t hat will surely leave a mark on the interviewer!

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