How to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”


Why Do You Want This JobIt’s quite easy to get intimidated while out on the job market and seeking new employment – more so if you are a fresher and do not have the experience or the expertise that mature candidates in your field do. But that is no reason to feel afraid or confused when faced with the question of why you opted to go for this job- especially when it comes from the mouth of your recruiter or interviewer. In any case, it is almost always impossible to frame out a concrete and coherent answer to that question, but with a little help and a nudge in the right direction by our resume experts, you can come up with one which could possibly check all the boxes with your recruiter, while being true to the story of your life that got you to the job interview of yours and you may end up getting a call back from that dream company of yours! Read on to know how to do it:

– Show Excitement and Enthusiasm:

When asked, you should promptly take this as an opportunity to talk about how have always aspired to be someone in the current field, and how working at especially this certain company would help you take a step towards fulfilling that dream – and then proceed to show off the research and knowledge you have on the responsibilities as well as the perks that the job description entails and how you shall approach the job with your own unique viewpoint. It is thus very highly recommended that you look up the company you are applying for, and also take a look at the online profiles of those who could possibly interview you, get to know what ticks them and what not – and cleverly incorporate that knowledge into creating a crafty answer that has the possibility to floor them!

– Sell on How You Are The Perfect Candidate For The Job:

Now that you have impressed your interviewers by wow-ing them with the intel you have on the job position as well as the company, it is time for you to move swiftly to the topic of yourself – as in especially what makes YOU a perfect candidate about the job. Take inspiration from the professional resume writers and align both your skills and experiences-both from life and professional to show that you have what it takes! In order to stand out, you can also add a bit on how you got the ‘desired skill set’ required for the job – but keep it concise. If you successfully pass this hurdle, there will come the opportunity of telling the stories of how each experience made you gain a specific skill as well as an insight – that could help you maneouver the rough waters of the job.

– Be Sure To Relate Your Answer To Your Career Path:

The most poignant connection that the question ‘WHY this job?’ possesses in the interview room is perhaps its relation to your current career trajectory. Your answer needs to string together components written by professional resume writers in your CV and focus it on how taking up this job would feature in the professional path you have decided to map out for yourself. For starters, you should not really be advertising the fact that the position you are applying for is just a ‘stepping stone’ in the grander scheme of things you have planned out for yourself – because your employer needs to be able to trust you, and bank on you for support should the company needs it. Also, you do not need to say how long you would like or not like to continue in that certain company or position anyway – just be mindful to show that you care, and include that in your answer.

If you correctly follow these points more or less, it is absolutely possible that you might end up with a callback for further discussion about the ‘job’ in question – and it goes without saying that if you continue framing your answers to difficult questions according to the flowchart shared here by resume experts, it will not be too improbable that you get more than one call back.

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