How to Find Keywords For Your Resume

Keywords For Your Resume

Did you know that by using keywords, you would be able to grab the attention of recruiters almost instantly? These “KEY”WORDS have the power to unlock the door leading to a fruitful career and numerous job opportunities. Even if you approach a professional resume writing service, you would be suggested the use of keywords for your resume which would be based on the work profile / job opportunity for which the application is being made.

In today’s tech-integrated world, every aspect of our life is being affected by the presence of some form of technological creation. Recruitment today involves the use of a resume scanning system where the resumes are processed through systems which scan the documents and allot a score to the applicant based on the effectiveness and relevance of the information presented in it. Following this, the resumes are sorted and the shortlisted candidates are approached for personal interview. The systems are designed to pick up keywords which make the document appear “worthy. This is exactly what happens when a recruiter reviews the resume because he scans the document for important keywords that indicate the suitability of the candidate for the position being offered.

Now that you have gained an idea about the importance of using keywords in your resume, you must be wondering, “How should I add keywords to the resume and what keywords should I add?” The answer to your questions lies below.

The following tips would help you to research keywords according to your application so that the same may be integrated in the resume.

Job Listings

Job Listings


This is the most obvious place to start your search for the most effective keywords. Job listings have segmented information based on industry specific metrics. By reviewing various job postings, you would be able to get an idea about the type of words and the terminology used frequently by recruiters while posting jobs. By analysing the trends and vocabulary, you would be able to enhance the effectiveness of the details presented in the “Skills and Abilities” section of your resume.

Word Clouds

Word Clouds

Word clouds are great for those who prefer visual learning. A word cloud is basically an image that is made up of only text. When you provide some text for creating the image, the most frequently used word is presented in the largest font size in the cloud. The size of the text in the cloud is directly proportional to the frequency of the word in the provided text. This is a good way of analysing the importance of specific words as they appear in job descriptions, requirements, etc. WordItOut is an amazing online word cloud tool which is great in terms of customizability and is easy to use.

Check Popular Job Portals

Job Portals

Job portals have an abundance of vacancies and new requirements which are posted frequently. This provides ample chances for analysing the trends being followed by recruiters in terms of key skills demanded and the terminology used while preparing the job descriptions. The best part about visiting job portals is that the posts are segmented as per their applicable industry. So you can get a clear idea about the implications of specific words.


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