Effective Group Discussion Tips for Freshers

Effective Group Discussion

Be it a job selection process, or an educational institute’s admission scenario, resumes turn out to be the first step towards getting in the process, so make sure that you approach professional resume writers for the same. The second step in the process, us the group discussion! Group discussions turn out to be an important step in acquiring that elusive step towards selection! Here are 3 tips you need to follow as a fresher to leave a mark during your group discussion!

TIP 1: Initiation Techniques

When you initiate in a GD, not only you grab the attention of the examiner, but you also grab the attention of the fellow candidates. Initiating a GD is a high profit-high loss strategy. You can further sail through the GD if you have impressive communication skills and content! Restrain yourself from blabbering and quoting wrong facts and figures, else it might push you in the pit!

Once you have initiated, don’t sit back, else it will give an impression that you started the GD for the sake of starting it and you actually are not potent enough for the further communication! And initiate only if you are well acquainted with the topic!

TIP 2: Body of The Group Discussion

Initiate your GD with:

  1. Facts, figures and statistics
  2. Shock statement
  3. General statement
  4. Question
  6. Definition
  7. Short story

When you use any of the aforementioned things during the initial point of your GD, you give an impression that you have the capability to stand out from the crowd! Facts, figures and statistics will simply prove your point to be strong enough to leave an impact!

TIP 3: Summarizing or Concluding

GD is always summarized and never concluded! So whatever the GD had in the nutshell, you can take an opportunity to summarize it and again leave a mark!

Keep the following points in mind while summarizing a discussion:

  1. Make sure that you keep your content brief and to-the-point!
  2. Don’t raise new points unnecessarily! Listen, and avoid stating only your point of view.
  3. Do not stick only on one aspect of the GD.
  4. When the examiner calls out to summarize, do not extend it more, simply stop and summarize! Don’t add up more to it, don’t raise new questions, just summarize!

Three tips to follow and as a fresher, you can leave an impact on the GD!

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