Don’t Forget to Send a “Thank You” Note After the Interview


I am sure that most of you never send a “thank you” note after an interview. Well, thank you notes are still a key part of a successful interview process. This simple note is a crucial communication that not only serves as an excellent follow up, but also your manners and social skills. This might not seem important to you, but for the recruiter, this small act tends to give a better insight into your capabilities.

Recruiters analyze you thoroughly and this includes every small detail that they can find about you. By sending a thank you note, you can show how you will represent the company when you work for them. Right from the choice of words to the overall communication, you can impress recruiters with you skills. Plus, the note can work as a friendly reminder about your application and the things might just tip in your favor. I am sure you will love to get an upper hand on your dream job.

When sending a thank you note, consider the following points to avoid losing a good opportunity.

Avoid Handwritten Notes, Send an Email Instead

Anydesk-CabeceraHandwritten “thank you” notes might seem the right communication media, but it just won’t work for you. Handwritten notes do add a personal touch but they take a lot of time to reach the intended recipient and more time will be wasted in receiving a reply or feedback. This is why emails work best for such communication. Not only does email reach the concerned persons faster, but also gives you the time advantage where they won’t consider another candidate before reviewing your application one more time.

Time is of the Essence

Time is of the EssenceThe note needs to reach no later than 24 hours after the interview. Hiring decisions are usually made fast, especially if the recruiters come across a candidate that has just the right set of skills that they are looking for. Even the slightest delay can lead to a lost opportunity which you might regret for a very long time.

Send the Note to Everyone You Interacted With

Send the Note to Everyone You Interacted WithJust because you think the recruiters are the one responsible for hiring you, then you are mistaken. If you’ve been friendly to the receptionist, secretary, or assistant, then make sure that you send a thank you note to them as well because they might just put in a good word about your “gratitude”. That’s not all. You should send the note to everyone with whom you have interacted. This can include HR representative, team members, co-workers, managers, panel members, etc. Don’t forget to ask their contact details or a business card so that you can get in touch with them later.

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