Can You Answer The 6 Toughest Interview Questions of 2016?



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I am sure you will agree that interview questions can be tough and it’s not about the technicality or the complexity of the subject matter. In fact, some of the questions will push to the end of your wits and make you work out all the possible answers that you can come up with. Even when you think you have the right answer to the questions, you can never be 100% sure about the correctness of the answer.

These tricky questions are designed to test your logic, presence of mind, and the way you approach questions. Remember, there is no correct answer to these questions. The interviewer will base his judgement on the way the questions are approached, analysed and answered.

Check out the following interview questions which can make you go crazy in your interview this year. Approach with caution!

“How much would you charge to wash all the windows in this city?”

Before you recover from the surprise question, you need to understand that this question has been devised to check your cognitive processing. Most people will go for the “collective amount” approach which will require you to make a near-accurate estimate of the number of windows that exist in the city and the cost of cleaning each window. You will have to perform a lot of calculations based on assumptions at lightning fast speed.

Even if you are Tony Stark, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to get away with this one. The safest bet in this situation is to quote a unit-wise charge, for example $2 for a window that is 33.75 inches by 53.75 inches. If you feel confident, then you can quote the price for different mirror sizes as well. Just try to keep yourself from going over the top with your ambitious logical reasoning.

“Explain a database to your eight-year-old nephew.”

Can you really explain the database to a kid? If yes, then you have just secured the job that you have applied for. Being able to explain complex ideas in simple and easy-to-understand formats is a skill that takes time to develop. Just because you know the technical terms and concepts, you should not go about explaining the same to people who have absolutely no clue what you are saying.

Before you explain a complex concept in an easy to understand manner, you need to comprehend it perfectly. If you miss out on a particular detail or provide incorrect explanation of a concept, then the whole purpose of the communication is disrupted. Simplifying complex data and presenting them in an easy to understand manner is a skill that all recruiters look out for in candidates. If you lack this skill, then its high time you worked on developing it.

“What did you have for breakfast?”

This might seem like a random question with no value addition being made to the interview. But you are mistaken. This is a double punch of catching you off-guard and seeing whether you’ll fit in. By asking this question, recruiters are just trying to figure out a way to see if you fit in with the company’s culture. The best way to respond in this situation is to be yourself. It’s better to fit in somewhere else than work in a climate that doesn’t suit you.

“Describe the color yellow to someone who is blind.”

This is a test of your wits and your insight. Not only does this test your creativity, but also your sensitivity. Recruiters need to analyse the way you respond to sensitive subjects and situations. If you are capable of looking at things from different perspectives, then you will be able to answer this question without any difficulty. Remember, the trick is to abstain from the obvious and give a solution that will benefit everyone.

“If you sat down at your desk and found 1,000 emails in your inbox but you could answer only 300 of them, how would you choose?”

Before you gasp for breath at the mere thought of sorting 1000 emails and answering 300 of them, understand that this question is intended to test your prioritizing skills. Do you have the right sense of what’s important to the company? The best answer for this particular question is that you would prioritize emails from your biggest (and most profitable) clients, your boss, and any email that is really important or has a time-bound urgency that cannot be overlooked.

“Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with your manager. How was it resolved?”

This is a classic question that tends to trick most people into badmouthing their managers or seniors. Don’t answer this question with haste. Keep your cool, and breeze past it to show that you’re not afraid of conflict. Just give some context to a situation that might have occurred and focus on the conflict-resolution part of the problem. Show your maturity and move on instead of holding on to past grudges. Conflict resolution is an important part of working in an organization and recruiters will definitely prefer a candidate that is capable of resolving issues instead of blowing them out of proportions.

Still afraid to answer this questions? You shouldn’t be. Just prepare yourself for the interview and make sure that you have a stunning professional resume to get an interview call in the first place. Avail the services of a professional resume writing service to revamp your career resources and increase your chances of getting selected for your dream job.

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