Are You Aware of These Job Search Trends for 2015?

Job Search Trends
Job search trends change with time and a lot of it has to do with the current state of communication technology. Recruiters no longer need to spend countless hours scanning and reviewing applications based on stereotypical formats. Modern recruiters make the best use of technology and the latest communication media to get their work done in much less time. Moreover, your selection depends on a whole lot of things that are not just restricted to your achievements and the “general responsibilities” or experience mentioned in your professional resume.

Check out the biggest job search trends that have been highlighted in 2015. Stay with the trends to ensure greater chances of being selected.

Demand for Sales and Marketing Professional is Very High

Marketing Professional

Every business depends on the performance of its sales and marketing team. Without a strong brand image and a result-oriented sales approach, it would become very difficult for organizations to compete in a global scenario. This is the reason behind the increased demand for sales and marketing professionals who are expected to leverage offline as well as digital channels to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met perfectly. If you are into sales or marketing, then a world of opportunities exists for you out there. Go ahead and grab it!

93% of Recruiters Take Social Media Presence into Consideration

Recruiters Take Social Media Presence

If you think that your social accounts do not play any role in determining your career path, then you are gravely mistaken. Employers and recruiters take a good look at your online social presence to determine whether you have the right people skills for the job. Make sure that your profile is clean. Refrain from complaining about issues, especially if they are related to your workplace. Also, avoid cussing or abusing, even if it is directed towards a justifiable cause. Without a clean and “hygienic” profile, your chances for getting selected would be pretty slim.

60% of Recruiters Claim that Their Best Hires are Through Referrals

Best Hires are Through Referrals

Employee referrals work wonders for the recruiters because a referral is usually given to person who needs the job not because of financial needs, but because the work profile suits him / her perfectly. This is why most referrals turn out to be the best hires and it also shows that the employing organization has a good environment which encourages people to refer it. A good way to ensure that referrals come to you is to maintain good social presence, both offline and online.

The Mobile Platform’s Role in Recruitment is Gradually Increasing

Recruitment is Gradually Increasing

Isn’t it obvious that the role of the mobile domain be enhanced considerably in today’s technologically advanced age? Everything has been shifted to the mobile platform – from communication to entertainment. Due to the increased usage of mobile devices, most job search portals have come out with mobile apps that allow “24×7” job search possibilities. Moreover, it ensures that responses are made faster with greater convenience being provided to both recruiters as well as job seekers.

Rise in Demand for Skilled Labourers Educated in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Skilled Labourers Educated

The growth in the industrial sector is dependent on the proper utilization of technology. Since most of the developments and processes have their foundations in scientific concepts, recruiters prefer skilled labourers who have been educated in science, math, engineering and technology. The world doesn’t need skilled labourers that do not understand the implications of the various tasks that they are allotted. If the purpose of getting labourers was to get tasks completed  without understanding them, then robots and automated systems would have taken over. So if you come in the category of a skilled labourer, then make sure that you get educated in technology, science and math. This would ensure better chances of you being recruited with good wages and a prospective career path.

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