Are Video Resumes the Next Big Thing in Hiring?

Video Resume

It is not like the concept of video resumes is absolutely novel to the 21st century scope of recruitment right now – it has been tried and tested before, mostly with lukewarm rates of acceptance and sparse cases of successful hirings of the candidates. One notable example being that of a certain Yale Graduate in real life who wished to sashay into a high profile Investment banking job with a video resume that went overboard in its attempt to establish him as the perfect candidate – but ended up at somewhat of a joke, as well being a cautionary tale of what not to try while looking to garner the attention of the HR managers and recruiters in a subtly professional manner.

However, focusing on the pros instead of the cons, there have been examples of people finding jobs with perfectly created video samples that serve to optimize and tell the world about their abilities and skill sets, also showing a glimpse into the kind of person they are – effectively serving as a resume. These, as the resume experts say, however still an exception to the norm of paper-based resumes that the major institutions and organisations adhere to in most cases, are growing in intrigue and popularity around the world. But not all countries and their labour codes look upon them equally – for example, while in Australia it wouldn’t be a problem to score an interview or bag a job with a video resume, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in case of resumes “…viewing a video may trigger unconscious bias…”, a statement which is not totally untrue. They further go on to state how organisations and institutions can proceed to undo the effects of this ‘unconscious bias’ in case of acceptance of video resumes.

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Feasibility of Video Resumes:

It is not to say that video resumes are absolutely useless, but even with the nascent bout of popularity that they are enjoying, it is still a pretty thin possibility of them, according to industry-lauded resume experts, to overtake the paper-based resume.

Who are more susceptible to use the video resume?
Freelance workers and independent contractors who wish to create a more transparent form of communication with their clients are the ones who use video resumes the most, and thus these work as a sort of alternative form of face-to-face interactive interview. Also, people wishing to have a change in their careers can use video resumes to showcase how their skill set and background could relate to the area where they wish to seek a job in, acting as a cover letter to the actual paper-based resume.

The Verdict
As said and proclaimed before, the paper-based resumes are still the standard in the industry, be it for an academician or a common daily wage worker. However, resume experts are of the opinion that if one feels the need to add a video resume along with their paper-based one, they should definitely do it – without overdoing it. Because that will certainly give a specific edge to your profile as a candidate.

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