9 Amusing Office Christmas Party Games And Ideas

Amusing Office Christmas Party Games & Ideas

It is the holiday season as Christmas and New Years is around the corner and it is in the air. Yes, you could feel it in the office too. An office is your second home and, your colleagues are your second family.

Before you set out with your personal Christmas celebrations and vacations, an office Christmas celebration is a must. A large group has its own dynamics, especially in an informal gathering. Office Christmas celebrations could also help in breaking the ice and moreover it is a great way to bid happy holidays to your colleagues and relieve stress. Here are 9 office Christmas party games ideas.

Who Am I?

Who am IA game that would make everyone go berserk is ‘Who am I?’ All you guys need to do is, make a list of popular celebrities, which could be from any walk of life. Paste these names on the paper placards and stick them on people’s back, without them knowing about it. The individual has to guess who the person he or she is by the questions people ask.

Spot The lie

Spot the lieSomething like truth or dare, but much decent and office-appropriate is spot the lie. Every person on his/her turn has to disclose 2 truths and one lie, without disclosing this fact. The fun begins now, the others have to pick the ‘lie’ and whosoever does that wins the game.

Christmas Theme Party

Christmas Theme Party

This is no game, but you could make it one. Theme based parties are a rage nowadays and you could plan one for your office too—a Christmas themed party. Everyone in the office has to come in Christmas attires which could range from a Christmas hat to a Christmas stocking. The fun part would be, there would be non-compilers and what could be more fun than penalizing them with weird and embarrassing requests.

Potluck Party

PotluckAn age-old party theme is a potluck. If you do not happen to gather daily for lunch and you do not know who cooks how a potluck is the best thing to do. Apart from that, a potluck brings a wide variety of food and in turn, the food brings people closer.

Movie One-Liners

Movie one-linersThis could be really fun with the colleagues who share your love for movies and also with the ones who don’t like movies. Make tiny notes of movie one-liners and place it in a bowl or at the center of a table. Now people have to pick one note on their respective turns and guess the name of movies based on the one-liner written in the note. Whoever guesses it right wins, who does not face the wrath.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure HuntAnother classic fun idea is the treasure hunt. You could divide the people into 2 teams, and every team hides some stuff around the office for the other team to discover. This could be really fun as well as competitive. Set a deadline for the opposite team and see the fun.

Funny Awards

Funny AwardsRound the year there are many award ceremonies conducted in an office, but this one would be a special one. Plan an office Christmas party to honour the people of your team, but the titles should be funny, like- the latecomer, the early goer, the heavy eater.

Musical Chairs

Musical ChairsYet another never dying group game is musical chairs. We have been playing this since childhood and it seems that it doesn’t have an age limit to it. One of the best icebreakers and entertaining game, musical chairs could be a rage in an office Christmas party.

Death by the Wink

Death by the WinkA superb group activity is this game- death by the wink. Pick a person who would be playing a detective and send him/her out of the room for a while. Choose a murderer among the group who would wink at people to murder them. Yes, you got it right…the detective has to now stand in the middle of the circle and spot the murderer (winker).

You could thanks us for all the fun you had, meanwhile wishing all you people a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

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