8 Soft Skills You Should Never Use on Your Resume


Soft Skills

Soft skills are important and recruiters do look for these skills in the candidates while evaluating them for the job profile. Employers even list some of these “soft skills” in their job ads. They do want to see these skills, but it should be proven with results or achievements rather than simply mentioning them in the resume. After all, no one is interested in mere generalized claims that have nothing to support them.

Recruiters are tired of reading common soft skills. Despite that, most candidates still mention them in the resume and send them along with their application in hopes of “impressing the recruiters”. That’s not the case anymore.

If you want to ensure that your resume is shortlisted, then make sure that you never use the following soft skills in your resume.



Just think for a second before mentioning this term in the resume. Will any recruiter ever want a “passive person” in the workplace? Obviously everyone needs a dynamic and proactive person who works with passion and gets the work done in the best manner possible.

Think Out-of-the-Box


Every organization needs people who deliver solutions instead of coming up with problems. The more unique and innovative the solution, the better will be the outcome. If you do think-out-of-box, show it in the results and achievements instead of simply stating this general soft skill.

Team Player

Team Player

I find it pretty ridiculous when people mention this particular soft skill. Every work place functions primary as a team. There is no individual work here. This is why you are always expected to be a team player. If you want to highlight you contributions as a team player and how it benefitted the team, then you should focus on providing the relevant facts.

Result Oriented

Result orientedThis is so hilarious that its not even funny. Every workplace needs people who deliver results. No one is going to consider the efforts if no results are being achieved. As mentioned above, show your achievements and let the recruiters know what you are capable of. I think they can easily understand your potential by checking the results that you have delivered. Just make sure that you keep the details realistic and valid. Don’t go over the board and boast about things that are too far-fetched.


Self-MotivatedRecruiters don’t want to see this general soft skill in your resume. They have grown tired of seeing this in every other resume that is sent to them. The moment you don’t get the “expected” appraisal or you get into some dispute with the management, you will probably lose the self-motivation. It is good to be self-motivated but show it in terms of facts and results.

Hard Worker

Hard Work

Every employee works hard so that they can keep their job. But recruiters not only want hard-working people, but also smart workers who can utilize time properly and deliver more with less efforts. It is best to leave out this soft skill from your resume.

Value Add


How will you add value to the organization? What value will you add? Unless you can answer these questions with proven data, it is better to leave out this soft skill from the resume. Don’t let it hang there without any substantial proof as it might get your resume rejected or ignored. I am sure that you wouldn’t want this to happen.

Strategic Thinker


Almost every candidate makes sure to mention this soft skill in his or her resume. What makes you a strategic thinker? Do your strategies deliver results? Mention the facts and not the soft skill. It will help you to make an impress on the recruiters and also save their time in determining your capability for the profile being offered.

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