8 Irreplaceable Benefits of Work From Home

Work From Home Benefits

In the 21st century work from home has become a new normal. From the year 2005 to 2015, there was a significant rise of 115% in the workforce working from home in the US. Also known are telecommuting, remote work or teleworking, work from home has begun to be a common practice adopted by employers from varied industries across the world.

According to Flexible Working Survey of 2017, about 67%  employees wish they were offered flexible working. Telecommuting is becoming a more and more desirable job feature and is also sometimes considered equal to a fringe benefit in social circles. Definitely, there are numerous benefits of work from home, that is the reason it is catching up fast among people. We have listed down 8 benefits which are unparalleled.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity

There have been a lot many studies conducted on the productivity that works from home generates. According to Stanford University, work from home boosts the productivity by a considerable 13%. This is attributed to fewer disturbances that we can’t ignore in the offices. Although it is equally true that there are other kinds of disturbances at home like children, TV, other family members etc. To gain a good productivity boost you need to have a strict regime.

No Travelling

No TravellingThe worst part of going to the office is traveling and if you are living in metro cities, traveling hours get stretched. The best part of work from home is that you do not have to travel to anywhere (and that is why it is called telecommuting) and you save a lot of time. Apart from the time you save energy and you do not get distracted. Another thing which you save is the fuel of course.

No Binding of Workplace

No Binding of Workplace

Remote working is about remote locations. Work from home gives you an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world without physical binding. All you need is to connect VIA the internet and you are in your virtual office. You could connect practically from anywhere, be it your home, a cafe, a friend’s place anywhere.

Better Work-Life Balance

Better Work-Life BalanceThe one thing that has become a luxury is the work-life balance. Today, with hectic work hours and long commuting time people do not get time for their families, children, friends, and lives. Work from home lets you address problems which you cannot while working from the office. You are available for your family and you have much time for yourself as you do not commute.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work HoursMany people dread a nine to five job, the only reason is, office time is a rigid time. You can not take a 2 hours break in the middle of the day, you can’t start late, you can’t wrap early, without slashing your days’ pay. Work from home gives you flexible hours to work that means you can work any time of the day you want.

Less Sick Leaves

Less Sick LeavesOffice workers happen to take more sick leaves as compared to people who work from home. If you are working from home and you are sick, still you could work, although with a dipped efficiency. People who work from offices, when fell sick, take leaves, hurting the efficiency of the whole day.

No Office Politics

No Office PoliticsIf you do not go to the office, you won’t face some of the terribly unsolvable office-related issues. One of them is ‘office politics’. Work from home keeps you away from the negativity of office politics and in some cases would improve your productivity.

Fewer Chances of Quitting

Fewer Chances of QuittingAll that sums to what? Obviously, it means fewer chances of quitting. If you productivity shoots up, you don’t have to travel, you are not bonded to one place, you are tackling the work-life balance well, you have flexible work hours, you take fewer leaves and there is no negative energy like office politics in your life, the chances of quitting your job reduces significantly.

Although it is not possible to work from home for everyone as there are other factors which can counter the aforesaid points and above all, it all depends on the policy of the employer. Yet if you get an opportunity to work from home, look for these benefits.

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