7 Tips to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Effective Cover Letter

For those who do not know what cover letters are (as cover letters are a losing trend or it is just a perception), a cover letter can be said to be analogous to a prologue of a book. As an avid reader, we know what is the significance of a prologue. A prologue gives a brief introduction to the writer, what made him write the book, contributions of the people toward the book and several other things which a writer wants the readers to know before they hit the book. This makes us familiar with the writer, his ideas, philosophy, writing style, in short, a prologue is the gist of the book. Similarly, a cover letter is an introductory write-up about you and your experience so far. Well, just like writing a resume is not a trivial thing, writing cover letters too can’t be paltry. Here are a few tips to consider to write a great cover letter that would help you with job search:

Addressing Name

Addressing nameA cover letter should be specific, specific to a person. Unlike resumes which are more general. There are hundreds of jobs you apply, and addressing all the recruiters gives a sense of bcc. Addressing every individual recruiter talks about the efforts taken.

An Impressive Start

An impressive start

An introduction before an introduction, that could be said of a cover letter. You can’t afford to mess with the introduction. Write an impressive introductory paragraph that sets the course of the sail. Avoid getting into nitty gritty’s of things.



You might have great achievements on diversified roles across various industries. Do not try to shove all that in the cover letter. Only talk about the crème de la crème of your accomplishments.


BridgeA cover letter has to be to the point and for the relevance, you need to bridge the things. Connect your qualification and experience with the job requirement.

Follow Up

Follow upThe best place to tell that you are going to follow up for the job application is the cover letter. Always mention about following up if you intend to do so.



Just like the length of resumes are considered important, the length of a cover letter is also significant. Do not run into too many paragraphs, keep it crisp, probably a half-pager. Along long cover letter would surely lose the interest of the reader.

Relate To The company


Relate to the company

Whenever possible try to relate to the company you have applied to. There are a few things about a company you are applying for that you may find inherent with you. You can always mention it in a subtle way. Do it naturally, if there is nothing to relate to you and the company, do not rush.

Cover letters are as important as writing them effectively increases the chances for your CV to catch a hiring manager’s eye.To get an Expert Advice regarding best Cover Letter Writing and customizing write to info@resumewriteforyou.com. Also visit http://www.resumewriterforyou.com/


Resume and Cover Letter Tips

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