7 Telephone Interview Mistakes You May be Making Unknowingly

Telephone Interview Mistakes

Telephone interviews have become common with the ever-increasing use of mobile phones. They save time and cost for both an interviewer for the primary scanning and even for the candidate.

There is a huge difference between a tête-à-tête and a telephone interview as it is completely a different ball game. During a telephone interview, you need to take care of certain things which are much more visible and evident in a face to face interview and thus are easier to handle.

Here are 7 common phone interview mistakes and tips you may be making that you could avoid and help you prepare for a telephone interview.

1. Unprepared:

Although it is a common adage to be prepared for an interview, be it a face to face or a telephone interview, yet it is important to know about who will be talking your interview and about the company you are being interviewed. Visiting an office for a face to face interview we may pick a lot of nuances about the company and people but we do not get that chance on a telephone interview.

2. Disturbances:

Probably the most important thing for a telephone interview is silence. At times we do not give much weight to the environment around us when a telephone interview is about to start. You should find a spot which is silent and where you could absorb the maximum of the conversation.

3. Not Pausing Enough:

It all comes down to the skills of oral communication especially when you are over the phone. As you can’t see the person you are talking to you, you don’t know the subtle things like his/her body language, face expressions etc. In the absence of such subtle feedback, it becomes difficult to understand if the interviewer is good with your speech delivery unless he/she explicitly interrupts to slow down.

4. Armourless:

You take along all your credentials and other important stuff when you are called upon for a face to face interview. Just the same way you need to be prepared with a diary/paper and pen to make notes of the interview. It also helps you jot down the questions that may occur to you while the interview is going or to refer pre-drafted questions when the interviewer tells you to ask questions.

5. Unclear:

Murmuring on a phone call with a friend is something you can’t afford on all calls especially on an interview phone call. You need to be clear and precise in a telephone interview. If you have speech issues, rehearse well before a phone interview.

6. Hesitant:

Just like a face to face interview, you need to be confident about yourself in a telephone interview. The best part of a phone interview is even if you give out signals of nervousness you can’t be visible on the phone, although you can’t afford to get that nervousness in your tongue.

7. Not Listening:

In a hurry of answering or telling your side of the story, you might not listen to the interviewer. The interruptions can cut short something important to be conveyed by the interviewer. A telephone call is distant and most of all you can’t see each other, and thus you need to be a patient listener to understand everything clearly.

Phone interviews can be really impressive and subsequently, you can be called in for a tête-à-tête, you just need to take care of the above mistakes.

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