7 Job Hunting Tips That Could Help You Win Your Dream Job

Job hunting

If you are reading this, then there is a high probability that you too are searching for a job. Job hunting is no longer about sending in your applications and expecting the recruiters to call you based on your experience and long list of achievements alone. Recruitment nowadays involves a lot of social analysis of the candidates profile and the way he interacts with his social as well as professional circle. You may have put in a lot of efforts to get that interview call, but have you been successful yet? Most of you may have answered “NO”. These 7 job hunting tips are for those of you who have still not managed to get selected.

Conduct a Proactive Job Search

Conduct a Proactive Job Search

You don’t have to wait for the opportunity to come your way. Instead, you can be proactive in your job hunt and list down the companies that you feel are the best platforms for your targeted skill. Keep a check on their website and social profiles for early signs of job openings so that you may grab the opportunity as soon as it surfaces. You can even send in your resume to the HR department so that when the time comes and if they find your capabilities suitable for the position, then you may be called for the personal interview.

Become More Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is definitely becoming the global hotspot for both recruiters as well as job seekers where profitable opportunities exist for the latter while recruiters benefit from a global talent pool with verifiable credentials. Update your work experience, share work related articles, engage in discussions, connect with professionals, and showcase your achievements through recommendations and links to published content. The more active you are (and for the right reasons), the more chances you will have for getting the interview call if any recruiter on your list has an employment opportunity to offer.

Be Careful About Your Email ID

Email ID

Never use your office email for making job applications. While it is ok to use popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo, it is not advisable to use office email because it can easily be tracked and you wont be able to get ahead of the competition (comprising college grads from reputed universities). These freshers use their college ID to send in applications and recruiters generally give preference to students from reputed universities and educational institutions. Moreover, never try to use any email ID that sounds funky. It is better to use robert.langdon1987@gmail.com than going for a cheesy name such as fanboi87@gmail.com. You need to understand the significance of your email ID and the impression that it makes on the recruiters.

Avoid Making Job Applications on Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a powerful and extensive platform for reaching out to companies, professionals and experts, and even checking out job opportunities. However, you should NEVER apply for jobs on social media. It may seem rather appealing to simply make your pitch in the comments section, but to the average recruiter, this appears to be quite unprofessional. Such a grievous mistake could end your chances of landing that particular job. Are you willing to take such a risk?

Ensure That You Rank on Keywords Related to Professional Skills

Google Results

Google is still the preferred search engine for countless people across the world. Recruiters are human too and they would obviously like to check out Google’s results for specific skills. Remember, these skills are actually keywords and it is possible for you to rank as a result on a skill that is applicable to you. For example, if you check out the image above, the keyword “best graphic designer” brought up a number of names and photos of graphic designers who have been “mentioned frequently on the web”. You should work on optimizing your profile for your primary skill / work profile so that your chances of being recruiter are increased manifold.

Revaluate Your Goals

Revaluate Your Goals

Looking for a job may seem like the right choice at the moment. However, it may not be a good decision in keeping with your life goals. Revaluate your goals and make sure that your approach is perfectly aligned with your short term as well as long term goals. Many people choose to pursue job despite having an entrepreneurial spirit in them. They may not have the confidence to venture into entrepreneurship or may be obsessed with short term goals due to which the significance of their long term goals remains unclear to them. Before taking any concrete steps in your job hunting, make sure that you correlate your efforts with all of your goals.

Don’t Create Keyword Stuffed Resumes

Keyword Stuffed Resumes

There is a difference between “keyword rich” and “keyword stuffed” content. I know that most of you would argue that they somehow mean the same thing. But a keyword rich content means having the right amount of keywords and the right keywords which are integrated in a natural manner into the content to avoid getting the content flagged as spam. Keyword stuffed contents, on the other hand, refer to content that have excessively used keywords intended for the sole purpose of being highlighted.

This would have seemed feasible before, but Google’s powerful algorithms prevent any spam like content from being shown in the search results. So be careful with the keyword usage in your resume. If you are unsure about integrating keywords, then get your resume written by a professional resume writer to avoid hassles and to increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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