6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

6 Mistakes To Avoid In A Job Interview

What is that thing that is the most important for a job interview? A crisp resume or a firm handshake or a great attire? Well, the most important thing about an interview is the interview itself. No matter you have the world’s best resume or you are wearing the most interview-apt attire, if you can not carry through the interview you have lost it. Apart from the confidence you need, to nail the interview (or even garner good chances of selection), there are certain things which are not supposed to be done at all. The following are the 6 interview mistakes that you should avoid in an interview:

Oblivious About The Company Background

Oblivious about the company background

It is basic human nature to seek information about a place or a person we are to visit. Although, a lot of people research about the company just because of the fact that the question- “what do you know about the company” is one of the pet questions of an interviewer. Well, you should not research about the company out of some compulsion but the core human tendency should work here. If you are not knowing about the company, it would be the biggest turn-off of the interview.

Irrelevant Introduction

Irrelevant introduction

You should tell the interviewer as much as possible about yourself, but there is a condition to it- do not cross the line. No one is interested to know about your personal details like your political inclination, your favorite food, your pass time activity etc. Talk about everything which is relevant to your career, job, past experience, future aspirations, current job profile etc.

Basic Answers to Basic Questions

Basic answers to basic questions

Just like researching about the company would help you in answering the pet question, there are other pet questions too. An interview doesn’t have a set format though, still, there are a set of questions which like- where do you see yourself in 5 years? what are your strengths and weaknesses? what have you done to overcome your weaknesses? What was your learning from the previous project/s? etc. You should always be prepared with the answers to such basic questions.

Taking a Detour

Taking a detour

It happens a lot of times that interview discussion go so extensive that you lose the track of the discussion and the very point of the question. In such a case coming back to the point is the best to do. Do not get carried away in the first place and if it happens, come back as soon as possible.



Although this should be the very first point, we are covering it later, the first and the last thing that matters in an interview is the attitude. Attitude is like the sail and setting it, decides the course. Stay away from negativity. Even if something bad happened in your previous company, do not be explicitly negative about it. Sometimes an interviewee might deliberately ask you questions that might be negative in nature. The best thing to do is to counter such questions with utmost positivity.

Unprepared Verbal Skills

Unprepared verbal skills

An interview is just like a speech. The only difference is a speech is a monologue and an interview is a dialogue. There can be a lot of things which may hinder your dialogue like fumbling, falling short of words, grammatical errors etc. Prepare yourself, probably by mirror practicing, enriching your vocabulary, overcoming general grammatical errors by googling etc.

An interview is the most important part of a job search and is the last chance to win it. Although winning the odds cannot be very difficult if you take cognizance of certain things.



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