5 ways to Survive a Job Rejection

After Bachelors I started searching for a job so that I could collect enough money for my masters, but unfortunately, all I came through was Rejection. One by one I got rejected by almost 15 companies and after that, I lose hope.

Survive a Job

I threw my resume in the dustbin and drop the idea of doing a Job. However, at this stage, I feel regret on my decision. I wish I had someone who could help me in collecting courage to face the rejection.

Are you also going through the same phase? Have you also faced rejection recently? Don’t give up like I did! Rejections are something we all need to face at some point or another, But don’t let these rejections control your success.

The only key to success is to be positive and to avoid getting depressed by these rejections.

Here are 5 tips that you can follow to survive rejections

It’s Not Your Mistake Every Time

There is not a particular reason for your rejection. It’s always not like that you were not good in your interview. Might be your interview was the best, but what if someone else has a good previous work experience that will benefit the company in the future or might be someone else has those skills and interests that recruiters were searching for in their employee.

It is probably not your fault. It is very easy to find mistakes in your resume and blame yourself, but it
need courage to stand and believe on your dedication and passion.

Take It Positively

Remember, every single thing happens for a reason. Take it as learning opportunity and stop dwelling on a rejection. Don’t lose your focus on your ultimate goal. Life is a game and failure is a part of it, if you give up at every failure, then you will never reach your main objective.

Feedback Is Your Key For Next Door

You might not like this part, But you have to hear it, at least you will get to know about your weak points and can fill those loopholes for your further interviews. Even constructive criticism can do wonders in your next interview.

Improve And Search For The Better

There is always a room for improvement. Gain feedback, know your weakness, work on it, improve yourself and you are ready for your next hunt. Something better is waiting for you, go for it.

Success Doesn’t Come In A Day

Today you decide to do a job and failed to clear the interview. What will you do then? Drop the idea? No, you can’t. You have to stand up for your first decision. You can’t travel the world in a day. Struggle, and fight for your success.

Remember, You can’t get every single Job. You are not Perfect and trust me, nobody is. Even Bill Gates taste failure before reaching the zenith. We all improve with courage to face failure, practice, and hard work.

Every single rejection brings you a step closer to a better Job. A Job that is waiting only for you!

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