5 ways to nail the Group Discussion Round during interviews

Group Discussion Round during interviews

Group discussion portray your ability to think over a subject critically. They also turn out to be an absolutely perfect way to depict how aware you are when it comes to current trends and matters. It also turns out to be an effective way of testing your communication skills and how you present yourself.

When group discussions are considered, you need to be well aware of a range of topics and have a good hold on subjects that are trending and require a lot of logic. Only this way you’d be able to take down the opponents and impress the mentors.recruiters. Here are 5 ways that can help you nail a GD, effectively:

1. It’s not just about you:

Remember, it’s about the whole group and not just you. This means that the mentors will surely check whether you can handle working in a group with people who have different mindsets and opinions over the same subject. Communication here is an important aspect and you have to use that effectively. People will disagree with openly and might just overlook all your opinions and things you have got to say. But, you need to keep your cool tact!

Don’t be aggressive and make sure that you form a counter argument on what everyone is saying along with playing cool.

2. You don’t want to be remembered as ‘the one who spoke the most’:

Do not be someone who has a lot to speak. Instead be the one who has something logical and effective to talk on. Start with an opening line which raises a question to the opponents. Lead it with logic and reasoning and end it with an effective closing statement that will leave an admirable impression.

3.You will be provoked:

In a group discussion, there will always be someone who will give statements that are either inappropriate or unpleasant to hear. Here, you need to remember the fact that you are being judged on this ability to work and surviving between people who not only strongly disagree with you but also have offensive things to say. Make sure that you are able to handle the pressure well.

4.Be yourself:

Never lose out on your individuality because you want to impress the mentors. If there is something that you strongly disagree with, make sure that you make your point straight there. However, remember that group discussion is not a war and you should take nothing personally. People or the fellow candidates are simply a part of the race you are running, and so are their opinions and statements.

5.Don’t mug up:

GD is a simply a group discussion that doesn’t require a lot of facts to be presented. Instead, dig deep into the trends and prevailing subjects that are affecting the majority.

So are you ready to nail your GD round for the next interview?

Good luck!!

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