5 Tips to Find Jobs Through Linkedin

 Tips to Find Jobs Through Linkedin

Social media has seeped into our lives to deep levels. Today, we have a number of social networking platforms and each network has a distinct function and USP. To name a few- Twitter is a microblogging platform, Facebook being a pure social networking website helps us connect with our social circle, Instagram is all about pictures and videos. Out of the huge ensemble to such platforms, there is one such social platform that provides us with an opportunity to leverage our career growth through by creating a professional network, and that is Linkedin. Today, Linked In has surpassed the use of job portals and has evolved as a huge platform for professional networking and jobs. Here are a few tips on how to get jobs on Linkedin:

Network Building


Network Building

Linkedin gives you a never-to-be-seen opportunity to build a professional network. Connect with all the people you meet and know in your professional circle. Get introduced to new people and expand the network.

Profile URL


Profile URL

One of the features of Linkedin is, it provides you with a profile URL that you could share with anyone. The URL makes it easy to check out your profile.

Impressive Summary


Impressive summary

The profile summary offers you a chance to introduce yourself. It works like a cover letter and you could make it as impressive as possible.

More Than A Resume


More than a resume


Linkedin Profile offers much more than a standard resume can. You could add documents and presentations of your previous or current jobs, giving a great opportunity to stand out from the rest.



Linkedin Reccomendations

Probably the most amazing feature of Linkedin by far is recommendations. You ask for recommendations and also write them for others. A recommendation adds a huge credibility to your profile making the chances to get a job brighter.

Searching a job has never been this easy ever.



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