5 Things That Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

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I heard some friends of mine arguing about the “best elements” that need to be included in the resume for making a fabulous impression. During their discussion, I arrived at the conclusion that while some of the people there had really good ideas, others were simply sticking to elements that have no significant relevance today. As a job seeker, you really need to evaluate the current scenario and identify the key components that could actually add worth to your resume instead of simply taking up excessive space in it.

If you have not been able to identify the important elements that could make your resume impressive, then just refer to the following points and try to implement that yourself.

Contact Details

This may seem like an obvious inclusion but many a times, jobseekers tend to forget about adding their contact details or they place them in a not-so-noticeable section of the document. While there is no need to include your home address (at least it is not a mandatory requirement), but you should include your name, email id, phone number and relevant URLs at the top of the first page. It is better to stick with a single contact number as providing multiple options could be a bit confusing.


You should definitely identify and include keywords in your resume. Now before you ask about the keywords and how to get them, take a look at the job opportunity posting / job description and you should be able to get some important keywords. Try to incorporate them in your resume without making it quite obvious that you simply copied the content without making the necessary changes.

Not only would this make it easy for the recruiter while scanning the document manually, but it would also prove useful if a resume scanning system is used for reviewing the documents with the help of a processing system. If you have not kept yourself up to date with the latest in technology integrations, then it is high time that you start with it.

Notable Achievements

Everyone is aware of the general roles and responsibilities associated with a specific work profile. Recruiters are interested in knowing about notable achievements that have been made by you. It is this information that will get you a place in the personal interview session. Your achievements will help the recruiters to determine whether you are capable enough to handle the responsibilities of the position being offered. The achievements will also help you stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of the recruiters.

Career Narrative

It is important to provide information about your professional history, even if it is expressed in few words. If you remember the earlier resume formats, it was important for job seekers to provide a career summary. This is important even today, but things have changed a bit to the point where minimalistic statements are preferred and job seekers need to express their abilities and the ways in which they will contribute to the organization. The challenging part about this is that the entire description needs to be managed in 2-3 lines at the most.

URLs and Relevant Links

You may have done projects or completed work that is available online. Sometimes just the details are made available. Make sure you provide the relevant links and URLs in your resume so that the recruiters may check out your work and know your capabilities in a better manner. However, this depends on your work profile. There are some professions where providing this information may not be possible mainly due to the nature of work being undertaken. But you should definitely try to give some form of reference of your work to make it easy for the recruiters to decide about your selection for the interview.

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