5 Skills That Recruiters Want, But Won’t Tell You About It

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So what if you have a good set of qualifications, skills and achievements? You won’t be able to get through unless you are aware of the hidden that recruiters want, but never make any mention of it. When it comes to recruitment, senior executives and HR managers are concerned about the “talent” pool from which the candidates are selected. It has become quintessential for possessing some specific soft skills beyond conventional business and engineering training.

Gone are the days when recruitment involved only cover letters and CVs / resumes. Besides having a stunning professional resume, you need to possess the following skills that will ensure greater chances of being selected for the job.

Intellectual Curiosity


A person continues to come across learning opportunities till his / her last breath. This is an inevitable phenomenon which cannot be avoided. It is your call whether to use the opportunity to enhance your learning or ignore it. Recruiters are on the lookout for people with a deep huger for learning. One needs to be open to experimenting with new ideas and learning from the outcomes. Senior executives seem to lack this skill the most.

360-Degree Thinking


360-Degree Thinking


As the term suggests, a 360-degree thinking is the ability to think beyond conventional cognitive boundaries and identify patterns in even the most uninteresting conditions. These patterns form the basis for imaginative leaps to be made. It also forms the foundation for creative and strategic thinking with which out-of-the-box solutions are devised. This is a critical skill for senior executives and people in a managerial position. Those who have graduated recently or have very less experience may not possess this skill as it develops with time and experience.

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence 2

Cultural competence refers to the cognitive capacity of an individual by means of which he / she is able to transcend the boundaries of functions, organizational cultures and global cultures which needs to be evident in their actions as well as their thought processes. The work environment has become a mix of culturally diverse taskforce where one needs to think beyond socio-cultural boundaries. Since organizations now employ global taskforces, cultural competence has gained significance, especially for the middle management.


Empathy 1

What makes a leader effective in leading the team and achieving the targets? Empathy! Yes, this is the trait which defines exceptional leaders from just leaders. When you are able to see the world through others’ eyes, only then would you be able to understand the perceptions of the person. Without empathy, a leader simply continues to dictate his terms without even realizing the importance of the perceptions of others. Such conditions can never lead to a productive work environment.



Being adaptable is one the key unspoken requisites that recruiters look for in a candidate. Adaptability is the capacity to change old behaviours in light of new evidence as well as dealing with adverse conditions by choosing the right course of action. Graduates and new recruits have high adaptability while the middle management usually lacks this skill. The business environment is dynamic in nature and is driven by changing factors. It is important to be adaptable and come out as an achiever rather than turning out to be an obstacle in the path of progress.

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