4 Things You Need to Keep in Mind For an Appraisal

Things You Need to Keep in Mind For an Appraisal

There are several factors people work for like- satisfaction, earning a livelihood, fulfilling the ambitions etc. But the most important and the biggest motivational factor is ‘money’ as eventually everything works around it. Money has two factors attached to it; one, the pay you get and the other the rise you get.

To meet the rising expenses, cost of living and future planning everyone needs a substantial salary rise, and this is the reason that appraisal cycles are the most crucial time for an employee. There are several things that you need to take care before an appraisal.

Meeting Expectations

Meeting Expectations

Every incentive in the world has a set of Key Result Areas (KRAs) to be fulfilled. A salary rise is also a kind of incentive and so it also has predefined goals that an employee is supposed to do. Before going for an appraisal discussion with your supervisor, you need to be very sure about whether you have met the KRAs. Based on them the outcome of the appraisal depends.



Unlike the KRAs, you are not expected to acquire new skills, rather it is something very personal. Apart from monetary growth, a person should always eye for personal growth and that could be possible only by acquiring and honing other skills. This would not only be beneficial to you personally but also to the organization you are working with. Upskilling directly impacts appraisal, as it is a great way of getting a salary raise. A separate resource for a separate skill is always an additional cost to an employer and a part of that cost could always be unhesitantly spent on you.

Beyond Expectations

Exceeding Expectations

Apart from the KRAs which you are expected to meet, there are things beyond that, which an employee should work for. More than 90% of the employees meet the expectations, but there are a very few who go beyond that. If you go beyond what you are expected, your negotiation power strengthens.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Eventually, everything boils down to your negotiation skills. Just exactly how you negotiate with your vendor or a customer negotiates with you, is this negotiation. Just as every function in an organization has a specific budget, appraisals also have a specific budget allotted to it. You need to negotiate well enough to get your part of raise. But a strong employee negotiation only depends on how well he/she has followed the above-mentioned things.

Appraisal Tips

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