4 Things To Do While Applying To a Job You Are Overqualified For

How to Apply for a Job You’re Overqualified For

Everyone loves to be in a job he/she is qualified for. And if you are at a position which you got as a result of sheer hard work and quick learning, rather than meeting the qualification standards, it is more than an achievement (that’s not being ‘underqualified’). Well, what if, you are more qualified than the job requires to be?

Yes, being overqualified for a job is like a square peg in a round hole. You might not just be willing to fit, but your circumstances would have something else to tell. There could be a lot of causes, to applying for a job you are overqualified for and today, one of it is switching your career. Well, whatever might be the rationale, applying for an overqualified job could be a reality.

Here are 4 things you must remember when applying for a job you are overqualified for.

Tweak The Attitude

Tweak the attitudeYou must have enjoyed while working for a previous job where you were suitably fit. But now when you are applying for a job you are overqualified for, for any reason, you need to tweak your attitude. By tweaking we mean you need to bring down the pride. It becomes extremely difficult to work at a job which is financially as well as personally condescending. You might have switched your career and you are new to everything, it is time to learn.

To The Point Yet Not Direct

To the point yet not directWhile appearing for an interview for an underpaid job, you need to make clear of your expectations. There could be reasons which are completely different from the ones which drove your earlier jobs. Although you need to be straightforward yet, at the same time you need to know how to put it forth. For example, saying you wish to get a job that is more predictable and involves the least travelling, is much better than bluntly quoting your problems and your unwillingness to travel.

Beat The Assumptions

Beat The AssumptionsYou may get a straightforward hiring manager or you may not. That means you need to take special care of things. Making assumptions is a natural thing. A hiring manager might assume a lot of things such as, you are expensive, you probably want a job to cover up the hiatus on your resume, or simply sniff it wrongly for a hidden agenda behind your backing up. You should answer the unsaid assumptions in a subtle way by quoting you are open on salary and you are seeking to learn, you can express your excitement for the potential job.

The Big Picture

The Big pictureYou probably would expect the hiring manager to paint the big picture for you, and if that happens you have strong chances of getting selected. But here we are talking about (not exactly painting) a big picture shown by you. Convincing a hiring manager how you look forward to handling expanding responsibilities in future clears any preconceived notions about you. It also shows how proactiveness in working with the organization. Do not just bluff, quote it as a symbiotic relationship, as long as the company helps you grow, you would actively participate in its growth.

Do not be baulked down about taking up an underpaying job irrespective of any reason, it can be a new start that you always wished.

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