4 Things to Consider When Connecting With Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters on LinkedInLinkedIn is a powerful platform where professionals can connect and share opportunities. Over the years, people have leveraged this amazing professional networking site to showcase their skills and get highlighted for their capabilities. However, one needs to know exactly how to interact, especially with recruiters, in order to increase the chances for successfully winning a preferred opportunity. Gone are the days when the humble resume was all that mattered when it came to recruitment. Today, you need to stand out as an active professional to get noticed by recruiters and companies.

If you want to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, then you should consider the following tips to avoid running into problems later.

Keep Your Expectations Real

Expectations Just because LinkedIn provides lucrative opportunities and direct interaction with recruiters, influencers and industry leaders, you should not keep unrealistic expectation. It is good to be optimistic but you need to know where to draw the line. Recruiters need to provide the client/employer with a candidate who is the perfect fit for a specific vacancy. If you have the right skills and expertise, then they will surely engage with you further. They will entertain your queries, respond to your follow ups and take you through the process. However, don’t expect them to be your career coach. They are not duty bound to keep you informed about opportunities. If you want to find opportunities, then start searching ASAP.

Avoid One-Time Conversations

Avoid One-Time ConversationsOne-time conversations are definitely not preferred, especially if it is with recruiters. Stay in touch with the recruiter after initiating a conversation but don’t pester them every now and then. Drop them an email or message occasionally and share updates if you have any. Remember, you should not focus on only getting information. You should also share opportunities and refer candidates whenever possible.

Get Introduced

Get Introduced

Unless you personally know a recruiter (which is not very likely), it is better to ask someone to introduce you. LinkedIn offers a “Get Introduced” feature where you can ask someone from your network to introduce you to the recruiter. This will make a better impression and you can get a better chance at communicating with the person. You can also try to meet in person (after requesting an appointment of course) and then engage with the recruiter on LinkedIn.

Treat Recruiters Just Like Any Other Networking Contact

Networking Contact

If a new contact started asking you for help, would you do it? In all probabilities, you won’t. Then don’t expect recruiters to spare time to help you out for all queries. It is important that you build a good rapport with the recruiter before asking for some advice. Treat them just like you would treat any other contact on your network. Take time to show your potential and then go about asking for advice.

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