3 Tips to Impress the Hiring Manager with Your Resume

A Hiring Manager is one of the supreme stakeholders during the entire process of recruiting. A resume has so many components that are supposed to be crisp and mind boggling. Every day there are abundant people who appear for various sorts of interviews. It is vital for the candidates to understand that resume is the only one thing that differentiates them from the other applicants.

Impress the Hiring Manager

There are certain things that a candidate needs to keep in mind if they are willing to get selected in the field of their choice. One needs to understand how to prioritize the statistics while writing your resume.

Let’s have a look on the top 3 things that a hiring manager looks for in your resume:

  • Work Experience

    The first thing that catches the eye of a Hiring Manger is the work experience of the candidate. If the job that you are looking for says that you should have so and so years of experience in a XYZ field, then make sure that the resume mentions that. The number of years of experience part should be mentioned on the top. Now, if you have a three years of work experience with your previous job and 2 years of experience with the last job, then in the profile summary of your resume mention 5 years and highlight it.

  • Accomplishments

    If your employer is looking for a candidate who has an immense work of experience and has some specific accomplishments, then make sure that your resume is highlighted with the accomplishments. The more you highlight your accomplishments the more chances are for you to get a job.

  • Indicate your skills

    It’s always a good thing to indicate your skills in your resume. Always make sure that you just don’t mention in word about your skills. Also inculcate the fact that how widely you used your skills.

    For example: If you have mentioned that you have worked on Illustrator. Just don’t end your sentence in one line. Also mention what all you did using Illustrator. Like created 3D designs, logos and artwork, etc.

So, if your resume has the aforementioned things then there is a wonderful chance for you to get hired. Resume is the first step of the hiring process. If your resume fails to impress the Hiring Manager then there is no use of making any other efforts.

Below is the link of a perfect resume for your reference:


There are so many resume writing service that are available online these days. If you feel that your resume is not up to the mark then simply hire resume writers for yourself. The professional writers will take care of your resume and will see that all the points are crisp and up to the mark.

Make an appealing resume and easily grab your dream job. You can either email your details to the resume writers or upload your details on the resume writing websites.

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